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2yr old cold/ cough medicine?
Colleen321 posted:
Ok, with the changes that took place a little while ago in reguards to childrens medicine- Im still hesitant to give me 31 month old anything. My parents admitted they gave my dd allergy medicine, but only 1/2 tsp and theys wore it madea huge difference. Have you given your children anything? Did it make a difference??? DD has an awful cough, and she is going to the pedi this morning- but I was wondering ...
j9ween2 responded:
DD hasn't had anything yet (she won't be 2 till March). DS (4 in 2 weeks) will get Delsym on occasion - but he has to be really coughing & I do it at night
Baby1at35 responded:
Very rarely do I give them anything. Usually motrin and vicks , humidifiers for cold/cough. The last cold however was bad with nasal congestion. there are a couple products I found from triminic that are for 2 on is a nasal spray and the other is strips for the tongue. I gave those very conservatively only in the morning when it was rough for them. I am still really hesitant. I read the back of almost every box of triaminic , ect. There is one for strips for cold/cough for 2 on up. I am still leary but they had such a hard time with all the congestion and honestly it did help...
2GirlsMommy0608 responded:
My DD's pedi has okayed and suggested allergy meds for my DD. If and only if she needs it do I give it to her. The allergy meds my doctor suggest are Claritin or Zyrtec which both of these say they are for 2 yo and up and Benadryl. My DD's pedi told me to give her 1 tsp of the Claritin or Zyrtec in the morning and then 1 tsp of Benadryl at works wonders and knocks out the congestion quickly! And my DD is only about a pound heavier than yours.
babyinseptember2006 responded:
my pedi has ok benadryl and claritin for kids. she is currently on a prescription for cough and congestion,the pharmacist is very comparable to triaminic for kids. i was trying delsym, it didnt domuch, the labels now all say for kids 4 and up, so my dr said to cut that dosage in half n 2 only use it at night. and naps if necessary. i feel your pain, my dd is barely getting over it, the cough was awful.
mommytoaidanandtyler2 responded:
My pedi okayed claritan and zyrtec and also Mucinex. I give him a tsp. I rarely give him those unless he is truely miserable, like today. I try to let him work it out most of the time, but the zyrtec is what helps the most. If he is running a fever with it I will give him Tylenol cold and cough. Hope she feels better soon.
peachteach1 responded:
We use Robitussin cold and cough for children to help head off something nastier and the pedi is fine with it because he know that I will only let the symptoms go so far. My pedi is also good about prescribing a larger than need amount so we can use as needed of the "good" stuff. He trusts our judgement and knows we will bring him in and not let things linger. Sam also takes allergy medicine as needed. Like mama, he get seasonl rhinitis...oh joy!

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