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flipped sleep schedule
tiredmom posted:
my 2 1/2 year old son now stays up all night and sleeps all day, any suggestions to help me reverse that? I feel like i've tried everything and he still requires a 2 hr nap but thats usually 8 to 10- pm! what can i do?
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excited_4_baby responded:
I hate to say it tiredmom... but you are going to have to make him stay up all day too. I know he'll be a cranky monster and you'll be tired as all heck too. But there really is no other way about it. I would try letting him sleep an hour or two around noon - 2pm, but then wake his little butt up. You're going to have to psychologically prepare yourself for the kind of day you're probably going to have as you do this, but if you want to get his days and nights back on track - you gotta do it. Good luck!
ecsimplified responded:
We had a rough time resetting my son too. He wasn't doing what your son is doing, but he's about the same age. What worked for us is that we just did not let him nap for about 4 or 5 days straight. It wasn't that easy, he wasn't in a very good mood, but that got him on to a cycle to where he would go to sleep, so we basically kept him awake all day long and didn't do any long car rides or anything so that he would stay awake. Then we made bedtime 8:00, we read 4 books, he turns off his light, he gets in his bed. If he gets out of his bed during the night, we put him back in without saying a word, and not saying a word is key. Just don't talk, don't say go back to sleep, don't say good night, nothing. After you've put him down to bed, if he gets back up, just keep putting him back in there, and the first night it might take 20 times, the second night, it might take 4, and then you'll be golden.
- Andrea Olson, M.A.

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