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If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:
roxanne156 posted:
If you don't vaccinate your child due to fears of autism, read this:

I don't post a lot on here anymore but I do know this comes up a lot in discussions.
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An_222620 responded:
I don't vaccinate my child and I am definitely not a 'naturopathy or health freak" by any means. I thank you for posting this as I like to keep myself educated and open minded but I still feel there are waaaay too many vaccines for children. i spoke to my child's Pedi who said when we grew up, we only had 10-13 vaccines or so and now our children get 33 vaccines approx? He believes it's way more then needed... but anyways, not related. I don't only believe it's just the vaccine that causes problems but I do believe the government has plenty of things to do with our world full of sickness, cancer and other problems. I personally (and me only) feel it's just a matter of keeping the world go round (in their opinion maybe?) to keep population down and to keep all people needing health care....... long story short. I may be right or I maybe very wrong but what I feel is what I feel. Everyone makes their own decisions and that's all there is to it. I just feel we're such little innocent people that don't know how dirty the government is...

Once again thank you for sharing (and not that I'm saying anyone is looking to get into this.. :) but if you do I'm just simply not going to get in.

cduffy replied to An_222620's response:
What does the government get from making us sick to need health care? The onlt government run healthcare programs are medicare, medicaid and veteran's care. The other insurance company's are private. Just curious what makes you believe that and choose to live your life thinking "big brother" is out to get you?
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fotogirl525 replied to An_222620's response:
I do not believe that the government is the reason why cancer and other diseases are out there. Like PP said the government provides some healthcare however most insurance companies that profit are private companies. It terrifies me to think of what this world would be like without immunizations. Yes I immunize my children and they are very healthy. You also are entitled to your opinion and to raise your children the way that you want to however I am thankful that most people vaccinate their children, that way my children's lives are not at greater risk for disease or illness.
An_222621 replied to fotogirl525's response:
I do think in certain apsects the gov't is responsible for certain people's illnesses and they do profit off of it. Mostly its insurance companies but the bad things they do sometimes are overlooked and I wonder how that happens without some kind of payoff, no one is that blind to some of the stuff that happens especially when people are writing to congress about some of it.
That being said, I give my LO her shots. Because as LO's pedi explained, shes seen the diseases that the kids get who are not getting the shots and its much worse than anything the shot is accused of giving out. I believe it! The one thing that makes me mad though, is that parents who dont get their kids the shots are still putting kids at risk because babies cannot get all of their shots right away and they have to go out in public sometime!
leftcoastgirl responded:
I have to agree with PPs who astutely pointed out that the government and insurance companies don't make money from people being sick. In fact, quite the opposite. The ideal customer for an insurance company pays into the system and stays healthy - so the insurance company never has to pay out for expensive treatment. Same thing for the government. Sick people can't work and pay taxes. And sick, uninsured people cost taxpayers money because we collectively end up paying for their pound of cure rather than their ounce of prevention.

Now, I'm not going to say that the government always makes decisions based on what's best for the health of its citizens (corn subsidies, anyone?!), but I don't think there is some giant, nefarious plan to make us all sick. Life expectancy for Americans is higher than it's ever been!

More to the point of this post, I too vaccinated DD fully and on-schedule. I hope the debunking of this study helps parents of otherwise healthy kids to feel more secure in deciding to do the same. Of course, neither I nor anyone in my or DH's family has ever had a bad reaction to a vaccine - and I have a relative who was crippled by polio. So, I myself never had any doubts that the benefits of vaccines far outweighed the risks for us.
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