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Cereal in Bottle Question
cruise_control posted:
I have tried feed my DD cereal from the spoon, but she hasnt quite taken to it yet. So I wanted to start putting some in her bottle, but the rice/cereal box does not indicate how much rice cereal to put into bottles. My DD is on Similac Soy formula, so my question is, how much rice cereal should I put into 4 oz bottles and 6 oz bottles. Your help as usual is greatly appreciated!
cruise_control responded:
just needed to bump in case anyone has any info for me, thanks
Valdis87 responded:
I do this for DS He to is on the Similac Soy,, For a 2 oz bottle i do close to 2 scoops(the scooper formthe formula can), for 4 oz i do close to 3 - 31/2 scoops, It really just depends how thick you want it, If you slit the nipple dont make it to watery but you dont want it so thick she chokes,

I also put a little Kayro syrup in the bottle so its doesnt get cons., HTH
becky3161979 responded:
I feed DS cereal from a bottle I usually use 6 oz formula with 2 or 3 scoops of cereal. I use the same scoop thats in the formula. We use the Playtex bottles and they do have a nipple for the cereal.
IrishGrl22 responded:
Oh wow, that's a lot of cereal. 2 or 3 scoops from the powder formula. It should be one or two tsp depending on the size of the bottle. But that's only if you consider the weight gain as a factor. LO's shouldn't have solids until 5 or 6 months and only take cereal in the bottle really if they have acid reflux. Thats JMO and my dr's. Do what you feel is right for your LO
cruise_control responded:
Okay, so I'm really at a loss, since I wasnt sure about the cereal measurements, I had just been winging it but I wanted to see what the consensus was. I was putting say 1 teaspoon of cereal in her 4oz bottle....but I didnt know if that was too little. But the scoops in the formula are a nice size and you all are doing 2-3 scoops of cereal, does that make the bottle too thick? I use the playtex drop-ins bottles, and they do have a tri-cut nipple that is specific to cereal bottles, but hadnt had a need for that nipple yet since apparently I was using too little cereal, lol. Does anyone know where I can possibly get measurements of the cereal to use in bottles (i.e. internet websites, books, etc). Thanks again.
amayer1981 responded:
There is a guide line on the side of the box to use one tablespoon of rice cereal to 4-5 tablespoons of formula. We used that with our DD's first cereal bottle.
1davidwilliam replied to cruise_control's response:
I am new on here but I give my on in a 4oz bottle half of a tablespoon of cereal and a whole tablespoon of Kayro and he is 3 months I hope this helps BC my spoon has bad reflux and this is the only thing that helps bc it not only keeps him full but it is thicker so he keeps it down.

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