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Landon08 posted:
Just wondering who has one? At our 4 month check up the pedi said to get one. They seem quite pricey. I went to a kids consignment store and the used ones were like 35-50 bucks. Which one do you have and where did you get it (and also how much was it?).

Do you find your LO to like it?

I can't wait to get one for LO. He hates to stand. I try to stand him on my lap and he has fat, jelly legs.

fsuchick1976 responded:
Lurking from 6-9 board. I have the Baby Einstein Exersaucer. I got it off of Craig's List. It retails for $70-80 and the seller was asking for $30. I was able to get them to come down to $20. My parents bought her an Envenflo Megasaucer off Craig's List for $30. I like Craig's List because you can negotiate with people.

LO was unsure of the exersaucer at first, but she loves it now. She spends quite a bit of time in it. It's funny to watch her spinning from one toy to the next.
KK13 responded:
I got one for Connor since we don't have room now for him to use the walker that Brenan used. It is an Evenflo active learning center mega... or something like that. It has circus animals and stuff on it, and the base is red. I found one just like it at Wal-Mart and it was $79. I bought it at a yard sale over the summer, before I had even had Connor. It is brand new, they took it out of the box and put it together, but their baby didn't like it and you can tell it has not been used. I only paid $4 for it!!! I brought it out and wiped everything down before I put him in it. He is 4 months old today, but he loves it! I have to put a blanket around him to make sure he doesn't tip all the way over, but he has lots of fun making the little circus tent lights flash and sing songs. It helps having an option other than putting him on the floor because his bouncy seat got sat on by his big brother and it is no longer usable. You might be able to find one on ebay or any other auction or classified type place you use for cheaper than you would have to pay retail for it.
Tori3 responded:

We have this one. Paid the $39.99 for it and thought that was a good price. Chose it because of the price and because it is so much smaller than jumperoos which I was also looking at.

DD is only 3 mo so hasn't used it yet, so can't help you there.
peachyisthelife responded:
Well you don't HAVE to buy one, so don't feel like you do b/c your pedi said so. That said, I love ours. My DS loved it when he was a baby and my DD loves it now. And, like the pp said, I love having the option to have them sitting up right instead of always putting them on the floor. I got mine at a yard sale for about $35, it's the Evenflo Megasaucer. I would totally suggest going used if you're low on money. It may be too cold for yard sales where you live now, but I would look at craigslist, I'd bet you'd find several on there. Good luck!
Landon08 responded:
Tori, I really like that one. Yeah, I actually just looked on craigslist and emailed some people but I think they have been sold. And they were like 25 bucks which is much more reasonable than 60 or 80. Thanx all!!
NoAdditives responded:
I also have the Baby Einstein exersaucer. Audrey loves it not that she's finally able to touch the ground! She is mesmerized by the lights while the music plays. We have to tuck a blanket around her because she just turned three months old today and still can't hold herself up much. She likes looking at the toys we hung. She hasn't quite gotten the hang of bouncing yet though.
suze7100 responded:
We have the first exersaucer ever made. LOL. It's the Evenflo brand original Exersaucer. It was DS#1's (he loved it !!) and was also used by a couple of other babies after that. It ended up in FIL's basement and is in good shape so we decided to use it with LO. It's so low tech compared to what's out there now, it has a few toys built into the tray, no sound or lights but LO absolutely loves it. He just learned how to bounce up and down in it and gets so happy when he goes in it.
mommyof3kiddos responded:
I have the Bright Starts Baby Bouncer too and my LO really likes it. Like Tori listed it is cheaper and smaller than normal exersaucers. It is really nice. I bought it through Walmart when they had 97cent shipping but some stores carry it and you can get it sent site to store. I woudl def recommend it because it doesn't take up a lot of space and the price. LOs don't use them that long. No sense in spending a lot of cash. Or like the other posts - by a seat used.
Momathon responded:
I have the circus theme Exersaucer. It's worth every penny! I bought it 2.5 yrs ago for my baby who is now almost 3 yrs old, then gave it to my cousin and she used it for her baby, now I have it back again for my new baby. It still looks brand new! When this baby is done with it, I can sell it on Craigslist and get about $30 for it, but if I get $20 that's still great since we used it for 3 babies and they all loved it.

It really is a good toy. It helps strengthen the back, neck and legs. Also they have all those toys on it for eye-hand coordination. At first I just put the baby in for a few minutes at a time and sit on the floor right next to her. I stuff a blanket all around her for balance. After a couple of weeks, she can be in it on her own for half an hour at a time. My babies all hated tummy time and the exersaucer was a very good way for them to develop those muscles without crying with her face in the floor.

For us, it's the best thing ever!
alliegirl77 responded:
they are worth it...get one! Sarah's legs are chubby too and this has helped "trim" them up a bit! I am not sure which one we have -I was given it from my sister, but if she had not, I would gladly pay the price. This thing has been a life saver for my back...Sarah can sit in it for hours - literally hours. She loves it.
jex2013 responded:
When we bought our first exersaucer, he really enjoyed with it. Yes it will be a little pricey but if you want to have a good quality, then go for the branded ones. The lowest price would be probably reach 30 bucks or so. Check this site for more information : exersaucers for babies infants toddlers infants

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