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Blocked Milk Duct
Hannah_and_Noahs_Mommy posted:
I think i have baby is 5 months old and is my 3rd baby, never ever had one so i am slightly unsure! My left breast on one half is very tender to redness or anything. When i try to express barely anything comes out, i can typically pump a few ounces quickly. So to me that sounds blocked...i am just not sure how to remedy it. My DS prefers the other one, when i lay him on this side he throws his head back so i guess he hasn't been emptying it enough and now it's blocked. Or could the tenderness be something else? I've tried a heating pad and then feeding him, but it still hurts, and it started last night, so just over 12 hours,

kristinrayerootes responded:
I think I have had a few of these in the last couple of months. The first time, I was afraid it was mastitis so I did some research on it and determined I probably really only had a blocked duct. I just make sure to have her eat on that side a lot and pump to help. I also try to massage it to "unblock" it. The pain and tenderness always goes away within a day or two.
KimCurry5 responded:
Massage, warm compresses, and nursing/pumping should help clear it out. If he doesn't like nursing on that side, maybe try a different hold, to see if he will nurse better.. He probably throws his head back because he's not getting milk because of the blocked duct.. Good Luck dear. The pain sucks, but grit your teeth and massage away. That will make it easier for your DS to nurse.
JimmyHooper responded:
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