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3 month old with cold and cough...
brandi07michelle posted:
My 3 month old has been really stuffed up for 2 days now coughing and all. I have been stucking her little nose out every chance i can tried saline drops but now its getting to the point the junk in the throat makes her gag when she coughs. I am waiting for her doctors office to open so I can call them...what have yall done to help them with this issue?? or what has the doctor gave them to help them? TIA :lightsmile: :frown:
hoping2beamom responded:
There isn't much the Dr. can do if there isn't an infection of some type. Continue to use the saline drops, suction her nose as often as possible, use a humidifier (keep her within a few feet of it several times a day if possible) and try to keep her upright even to sleep if possible. Other than that, my pedi said to just give her lots of TLC! Hang in there. Oh, my pedi also said that congestion is normal in young infants. It usually eases somewhere around 4-5 months. A baby's nasal passages are really narrow, so they are often congested. Definitely call to let them know and to make sure there are no infections. GL!!! :smile:
gagirl0521 responded:
DS had these symptoms when he was 3 1/2 months old and it turned into RSV which he ended up in the hospital for. I'm not saying your LO will end up with RSV but with the cough and congestion, it is possible for it to turn into that. I would say in the mean time until you can see the doctor is keep her propped up so the mucus isn't falling into the back of her throat and she will be able to breathe a little better. Also, keep suctioning her nose out and try to keep her comfy as possible. The congestion my DS had started affected his eating too since he couldn't breathe so great. I'm sorry LO is sick! I hope she gets better soon!
chinsychick responded:
My pedi said to breastfeed as much as possible... Make sure they dont get a fever... use the saline drips... dont lay them flat on their back or belly.. On their side is best...
BossLady5700 responded:
My son is 3 months old also. I took him to the doctor on Monday because he was stuffy and coughing. Being a first time mom I was concerned. The doctor tested him for RSV and the test came back positive (hurray!). The doctor also said that he did not hear anything in his lungs which also a good thing. He stated that I should continue to suction his nose, make sure he doesn't have a fever, keep him comfortable, etc... There is very little the Dr. can do, since infants can't take any medications. He did mention that if he got a low grade fever to give him .6ml of Tylonol. If the fever continues to bring him back in. hope the info was helpful. I am hoping he will get over this soon. Ya-Ya(30) Monty(33) * Xavier Lamont* 5lbs 12oz 10/31/09- Premmie/ 10lbs 5oz as of 2/8/10 :sillygrin:
witch666 responded:
WE first used a cool mist humidifier, which i guess we have a lot of mold in our apt for some reason because no matter what we did the thing got crazy covered in mold in places we couldn't clean. SO we got a (cheaper even) warm humidifier and it helped a lot more. Also at 4 months you can use baby vic's vapor rub. That also helped too. Our pedi said to be careful how much you suck there noses, because you can cause "nasal trauma" (his words not mine) Hope she feels better!

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