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Seriously WebMD???
topazorchid posted:
I have a 5 month old. Do you really think I have time to learn about a whole new format? I don't think I'll be on here too much anymore. DISLIKE!
topazorchid responded:
And furthermore, WebMD, if I really wanted to do a member poll or sign up for a newsletter, I would have done that one of the last 487 times you asked me (at every single log in!) GGGRRRrrrrr! Not liking it!
witch666 responded:
Yhea this is incredibly hard to find what you're looking for now. I HATE it. I'll probably not be on either.
pridgeon replied to witch666's response:
Yes it is. am I on the 3-6 month board? how do we know? why no signature? gay
mlmynm81 replied to pridgeon's response:
Yea this is horrible!
newmommy1209 responded:
can we get them to change it back
newandscaredmommy responded:
yea i hate this i use it on my phone and now i am having a rough time using this new site
brandi07michelle responded:
hate HATE this new webmd
dangie29 responded:
I cannot express how much I HATE this. Who do we contact??
Punches replied to dangie29's response:
I just sent an email. Go to the contact us at the bottom.
LMaar replied to Punches's response:
I just sent an email too - we all should.
dangie29 replied to Punches's response:
Thanks! I did!
beeba3 replied to LMaar's response:
you guys are the only people i freaking recognize. so lost..this is the worst thing that has happened to me since long before this baby was even a figment of my imagination...GRR webMD. i want the old boards..with the old people, who now i will never talk to because no one is on here
jbish replied to beeba3's response:
Woah - I always use WebMD on my iPhone and it's no longer convenient at all. This is horrific!
CRod13 responded:
yeah no Shizzzzzz!!! Ughh I'm supposed to be on the 0-3mths board and I guess Im lost LOL... I lost everyone boo hoo

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