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Irvington posted:
Hi - I am seeing if anyone can give nay advice on how to get my 3 1/2 month old to nap in his crib. He goes down perfectly at bed time, but to get him to take a nap in his crib is torture. he naps in his swing and only his swing. I am thinking I need to ween him off of the swing for naps, right?

Also, I still swaddle him at night. He sleeps about 9 to 10 hours straight and is such a good sleeper, but I tried to put him down without the swaddle this past week, a few times, and he wakes up in a hour and cries, cries, cries. Any advice on weening him off the swaddle and at what age I should stop swaddling?


mommy of little Lev born 11-11-09 at 5:44pm!
eliz1497 responded:
hmmm... if he is sleeping so well in the swaddle, I probably wouldn't try to ween him off of it yet. I still swaddle my son every night, and he sleeps like a champ. I think you would probably want to wait until the swaddle starts to bother him- maybe when he is a little older. But for right now, it is still comforting to him.
Irvington replied to eliz1497's response:
how old is your son?
eliz1497 replied to Irvington's response:
He is three months, so a little younger than your son. But I would think that I will keep swaddling him until he doesn't want to be swaddled anymore.

BTW, WebMD...if you had KEPT OUR SIGNATURES, she would have already known how old my son was...ugh to the new site...
sbillups responded:
I have this same problem. My son is swaddle at night and I get 7 hours. His naps during the day are in the swing, but still swaddled. We decided to try to get him to nap in his crib, we don't want him thinking he can only nap in the swing. I swaddled him and put him in the crib yesterday and he only slept 30 min. His naps are normally 2-3 hours. I guess he isn't ready for the crib yet, I am going to wait and keep trying each weekend. Good luck!
Butterflylove85 responded:
I'm having the same problem. My baby has never napped in her crib before she has always either napped in our arms or the swing, sometimes the bouncer. I feel like she needs to be able to do naps in her crib but i dont know how to get her to do it with out her screaming bloody murder.
Irvington replied to Butterflylove85's response:
I guess we all have the same problem. How old are you babies. Mine is 3 1/2 months. I am taking baby steps with the crib napping and it is hard. He sleeps perfectly in the crib at night. I really do not know how to get him to enjoy the crib nap.
Butterflylove85 responded:
My baby is 4 months
wannababy20082009 responded:
my lo is 4 months old and she loves to be swaddled, if she gets her arm free- then she wakes up- b/c her arm is waiving in the air..I was like you, with my first son- when can i get him out of this swaddle..and now with my daughter- i think- what is the problem- why do we mommies always want to get them out of their comfort zone- i am leaving her in the swaddle- until she cant stand it, try not to let that bother you- if your lo likes the swaddle- then i would swaddle- they have a lifetime to not be swaddled :)

webmd- i hate this new board
sbillups replied to Irvington's response:
Mine is 3 months

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