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anyone familiar with HIP DYSPLASIA??
luvmy2babiesmuch posted:
I wish I had read a post from someone about this a few years ago!! I have posted thi on several parenting boards b/c if I can save just 1 family from the heartache that I have gone through this year, it'll be worth it!!! ladies PLEASE, PLEASE have the attending ped, and your regular pediatrician check your newborn, VERY WELL, for hip dysplasia. This happens to about 1 in 100 babies, and had I know about it, I would have taken my baby girl to a CHildren's hospital to be checked out, BUT since I didn't know, and in my rural town, while it was checked several times, it was not caught. So at 2 1/2 years old, my baby girl has had her femur cut in half, bone removed, pelvis reformed to accomidate her femur head, etc.. and YES, a Spica cast for almost 3 months;; dr at childrens hosp, said that with it being bilateral, meaning in both hips, it was easily missed.. she was a late crawler, late walker, but for almost a year, i was told, "she's fine." i kept on, and in January 2010 told her pedi to take a better look, send us to a specialist, do x rays, etc.. I know that something was wrong. Finally x rays revealed it, but her tiny hips were 2 inches of of socket, and had never even been in her sockets! MAJOR SURGERY, in Aug, she will have another 5 hour surgery on her left hip! it's horrible, trust me, if this had been caught at birth, we would have been able to correct this with a velcro harness....... just be informed... and ask dr to check it really good, I wish I had demanded x rays!!
mommabear3502 responded:

That's really all I can say.

Just. Wow.
Timsgirl4ever responded:
I have an excellant doctor that caught my daughters at 12 hours old. She wore the velcro braces and is 10 now and doing great.
jmrb0414 responded:
I have a friend who has had 3 children and all 3 have had hip dysplasia to one degree or another. Her most recent baby is only 3 months and has had the velcro harness, a full body cast (spica cast?) and now at 3 months is wearing the velcro cast only at night. Evidentally both her and her husband were carriers...

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