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Feeding issues all the way around!
Castro0620 posted:
Any advice.... I have a 4 month old boy who eats and eats and doesn't stop. He will drink an 8 oz bottle and want another one in 2 hours. I have started him on cereal and i have also given him some mashed carrots and still no stopping his hunger. He just turned 4 months yesterday.

ON the other hand i have an 18 month old girl who refuses to eat. She can fit into my 4 month old's 3-6 mnth clothes better than he can! She will not eat anything we give her for dinner but she will crawl around the house to find anything and everything else to eat that she is not suppose to eat!

How do i get my 4 mnth old to not be always hungry and how do i get my 18 mnth old to Eat?
Bailey98029 responded:
I have a 4 year old and a 17 month old. I think with your 18 month old you are just getting the beginnings of power struggles. Just be assured that she will not starve herself. If she's hungry enough, she will eat. As long as she's checking out great at her well baby visits and is developing "normally" just continue to offer her good choices but don't force it or make it a huge thing. Kids learn early that they control what they can put in and if it becomes this huge issue, it'll be a bigger problem. Don't get caught in the trap of making separate meals or offering her various items all day long. Stick to a feeding routine. Make sure you are always offering something you know for sure she likes and then she makes the decision to eat or not to eat. If you start giving her a different meal, she'll expect that she will get what she wants when she wants it and you'll have a whole other mess on your hands when she gets older. Just remember that she'll eat when she's hungry.

As for the 4 month old, I'm not sure. At a point, babies get into a routine of eating. Its like when people start asking "when will my baby stop waking in the middle of the night for food." Technically, a baby doesn't really "need" to eat in the middle of the night. Purely breastfed babies tend to wake more but if you are using formula and some solids, if a baby is still waking a lot of time it's just become habit. I wonder if you might have the same issue round the clock. I would try to stick to the 8oz bottle and then if in 2 hours he's unhappy, try other methods of soothing him than the bottle.

Good luck.
Bailey98029 replied to Bailey98029's response:
Sorry, I just reread my reply and I meant to say "technically a baby doesn't "need" to eat in the middle of the night after 3 months of so. Every baby is different, however, but usually by 3 months they have enough body fat, etc. that they are able to be sustained for a large chunk of time.

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