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yalegirlsforever posted:
My LO is almost 6 mths old and we have started putting her to bed when she's awake and sometimes she cries for 5-10 minutes before she goes to bed but for the most part she is very good about just going to sleep. However, she still gets up most of the time once a night. For the first week when we let her go to sleep on her own she slept all night. I've done the ferber method with my other 2 kids, but my first one slept all night after I started this. I think I've read before that the method includes letting them cry it out at night too, but I'm just wondering if/when I should do that. She gets up and eats a full bottle each time then lays right back down. I just have a hard time letting her cry if I know she is hungry. If she wasn't eating and just playing it would be different, but I know she's hungry cuz she eats the whole thing. I need opinions. It's so great when she sleeps all night and this once a night thing is getting really old.
KityKatK8 responded:
Hi there -

I hope things are getting better in the two weeks since you posted. All I can say is that with DD, when she started sleeping through the night, she would cry for comfort at a time that was different from any previous feeding time - like an hour or two after I put her down to sleep. So I knew she wasn't hungery, and I could feel OK about having her cry herself back to sleep.

Is your LO waking up at a usual feeding time? If so, I would think she is really hungery and not just wanting comfort. Could you switch to a little water, now that she is 6 months? That might help determine if she is hungery or not. I guess there is also the aspect of feeding her more during the day, too.

I am desperately waiting for DS to sleep through the night, but he is still at 2 feedings at 5 months (or more!), so I think it's going to be a while.


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