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    6 months and not interested in eating
    ttrishh posted:
    I have been having such a struggle getting my baby to eat during the day. He does not want to be held to be fed, I even had to quit nursing him at 4 months because he refused to take the breast anymore (I struggled for over a month before giving up) he will only take an ounce or 2 from the bottle when you are holding him, he squirms, turns, pushes away and cries... but you lay him in his crib and he will devour the bottle. I have been trying to feed him rice cereal for about 3 weeks and still he will rarely take in more than a mouthfull or 2.

    The real down side, the only time he wants to eat is at night, and because of the hard time I have in the day getting him to eat, I give in and feed him when he cries... every 2 hours like clockwork!

    I am going to try to get him to eat less at night hoping he will sleep more and then be hungry in the day instead. Starting tonight I am going to try only offering a bottle every second time he wakes, and try to get him back to sleep with a soother the other times.

    Has anyone else had any problems like this and have any more advice?
    KSHoh responded:
    Since he is 6 months have you tried any other foods besides the cereal. My LO hates the cereal but likes the fruit and some veggies so far. If I can get him to eat cereal I have mix in some apple sauce or pears with it. I even tried the flavored cereals and he wont eat it.
    KSHoh responded:
    Also if I wait until its time for his next feeding he usually just fusses untill I give him the bottle. Now I just try the solids after 2hrs after his bottle and he usually takes in some. It still takes him @ a day and a half to finish a jar but I keep offering it to him.
    ttrishh replied to KSHoh's response:
    Funny that you mention that, after posting this I decided the same thing and tried him on butternut squash... he ate more than he ever has, I managed to get him to eat some cereal with it mixed in later on, guess the fuss pot just didnt like cereal.
    Now if I can get him to sleep more than 2 hours at a time life will be good!

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