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Eye Contact
HMJ5678 posted:
My 4 month (17 week)-old is definitely lively. Very alert, smiles, laughs, coos, squeals! He has been smiling at me and looking at me since he was about 5 weeks. Just recently (over the past week or so) I noticed that when he is laying down or being changed, etc. he will look at me and listen to me. He will laugh and squeal at me while I am talking, but if I pick him up and put him in my lap (leaning against my knees) and talk to him, it is like he is looking at everything but me. It really makes me uneasy. It is like I can't get his attention. Anyone notice this with their baby?

I am hoping that maybe his vision is changing and he has already mastered my face, so he is just taking it all in, but it makes me uneasy. When I deliberately want to talk to him I cannot get his attention.

phoenix31674 responded:
his vision is getting better and i'm sure he's trying to check out his new environment. When lying down or on the changing table, his focus is towards the boring ceiling or you, so you are more interesting. Our little one - just about the same age - is really starting to take in everything else. With so much visual stimulation it can be hard to get his attention.

as long as he still does look at you and talk to you sometimes everything should be fine. But if bothers you, you should feel free to bring it up to your baby's doc.
nannyandpapajoe replied to phoenix31674's response:
I am also seeing this in my new(almost3 month old) grandson...seems I can hardly get him to look at me....always looking up. My husband thinks I watch too many medical shows for my own good.but I do have an autistic nephew..and I was the first to notice this "looking away"....will someone just tell me to relax...Lord knows I do not want to discuss this with my daughet-in -law yet.i had my 3 boys almost 40 years ago.....seems like there is SO much more to worry about now.......Our little guy has a hardy laugh already...I just feel uneasy.....

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