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What normal sleep for a 5 1/2month old.
Rfirstlilone26 posted:

So I have a 5 1/2 month old Son. Just wanted some feedback about how he is sleeping an whats normal for his age.

We got to the point where he was sleeping pretty much through the night, But he has been teething since he was 3 months. We put him down for the night anywhere between 8-9:30pm. He is on solids now which is really nice..not feeding him every minute. So the past few weeks now he has been waking up anywhere from 2am-4am for a night feeding an a change. He does eat an I change him and he goes right back to sleep, He waking ups in the morning between 6am-7am. I feel that he should be sleeping through the night but he still wants to wake up and eat. So is this normal for his age or am I doing something wrong. Thanks
KSHoh responded:
My son is just turning 5 months and he is also on solids. At this point if he is feeding very well during the day he does not need that night bottle- he is just waking up out of habit. I cut out my sons night bottle over a three week period. Start out with maybe 4 or 5 oz and each week decrease untill you get to 2 oz and then after that nothing. He will still wake up for maybe a week or 2 but he will see that he is not getting any food at night. I put my son down at 8pm and he does not get up usually untill 7-7:30. Sometimes he wakes up early but the earliest I will get him out of his crib is 6:45. We aslo started using huggies over night diapers and they work great. Since he gets his last bottle @ 6 and as much cereal as he will take( get them very full before bed) @ 7 he usually will do most of his peeing before he goes to bed and I put the night diaper on him right after bath @ 7:45. Also there is a book called the sleep lady you may want to read. I have been following her plan and using her schedule and it works. I know by 6months she suggest bed time be at 7PM so you may be keeping him up too late- i know it souds strange but it is working for my LO. HTH.

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