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3 month old seems hungry after only 2 hours??
NoramaeB posted:
My DD is 3 months old and is drinking 5oz. of formula at each feeding. She's satisified after each bottle but lately she seems to be hungry 2 hours later. We just increased her formula to 5 oz about two weeks ago. I'm not sure if she's ready for 6 oz because she seems to be full after eating? And I'm sure feeding her every 2 hours isn't good. Is it too early to put a little cereal into her bottle?
jrap1978 responded:
i would fill an 8oz bottle at her next feeding and just see how much it takes to make her full,just remember to burp her every few oz....cereal in a bottle is not the way to go. My DS who is 11 now was eating 8oz every 2 hrs at 3 mos and the pedi gave the go ahead to start him on cereal a bowl not in a DD is only 2 mos but is basically having the same eating pattern as him,so i might be able to start her on it early too.also keep in mind they sometimes cluster feed or feed alot right before a growth spurt,so it might be just that too.
happy1020 replied to jrap1978's response:
My pediatrician suggested that I put 1 tablespoon per 2 ounces of milk and now it holds my 2 1/2 month old. He weighs 13 pounds. Hw was drinking that much milk and getting hungry every 2 hours and she told me that wasn't normal. I started the cereal and he has been great, eats every 4 hours now, and the cereal helps him hold the milk down.
cathwo responded:
Putting cereal in a bottle is a chocking hazard as it changes the consistency of the formula making it thicker. This is an old practice and still suggested by many health care providers and family members. I would caution you against this. If you feel the need to give her cereal then do so from a spoon at a very thin consistency. Babies are like people, their appetites vary throughout the day and from day to day. At around 3 months they do go through a growth spurt and may want to feed more or more often. Let her do this as long as there are no health concerns or concerns with her growth. Holding back food will just make you and her miserable. You may want to try offering a little more and see if she takes it. My son's appetite varied around the same time and I just went with the flow. It went fine and we were both happy. I also discussed it with my doctor at his 4 month check up and she agreed with my approach. HTH

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