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4 month old refuses bottle/sippy cup?/routine help
babysmith98036 posted:
I have been trying to get my baby girl to take a bottle since she was 2 weeks old...she would sometimes but then started to completely refuse. She is 4 1/2 months old now and i am thinking should I just start trying a sippy cup and skip this bottle thing. This is my thrid baby and I feel like she is my first....she is so different than my boys who took the breast, bottle and pacifer with no problem. But she refuses a pacifer and bottle and I feel like I dont know how to go about this. Do those of you that just nurse do eat, play. & sleep and if so how do you get your babies to sleep...rock them or nurse them? I guess I need some advice of sippy cups and some sort of routine to get her on for me and her. Thank you

jrap1978 responded:
honestly, I had my baby sipping on a cup at 2 days old!!! i didnt want her to have any other nipple because we were having bf issues,BUT she was so jaundice i was trying to pump as much fluid as possible into if she fell alseep or was still hungry after attempting bf then i would give her formula or pumped bm in a little cup...its messy at first but now at 2 months she shows interest in what's in everyone's cups LOL so i would intro the sippy cup to her when she's not starving and pretty content,just like when you start solids...not sure how your pedi might feel about it tho so maybe ask them 1st
KSHoh responded:
Have you tried changing the nipple on the bottle? I found that my son for some reason prefered a faster flow and would become very frustrated if the nipple flow was slow. By 3 months he was on a level 3 nipple( I think most babies work up to level 3 by 6-7 months becasue the flow is so fast). As far as the sippy cup goes my son is 6 months and we started sippy cup 5 weeks ago. At first he did not like it because it is a little different kind of sucking than the bottle. We use the born free with the soft spout and I had to stretch out the opening some becasue he wants that faster flow. Most bottles come with the level 1 nipple, try buying the level 2 or 3, if you have not already, and see how she does. Also my son refused to eat from the standard nipple and only liked the wide neck bottle and this started in the hosptial, he refused to eat from the regular nipples they had.
babysmith98036 replied to KSHoh's response:
No I have not tried different level nipples. I have a stage 2 for one bottle I could try. She just doens't even try to suck on it, like she has no idea what to do with it.
thank you for the advice


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