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Cereal question??
An_222606 posted:
Does anyone put cereal in their babies bottle? Or do most just feed from a spoon?
phoenix31674 responded:
Unless advised by your doctor, you should not put cereal in a bottle. You need to use the spoon to help your baby learn how to eat properly. putting it in the bottle can encourage overeating because the baby won't have time to realize how full s/he is because of how quickly they can feed from a bottle.
An_222607 replied to phoenix31674's response:
Even just a teaspoon?
Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to An_222607's response:
Anon, Is there a reason you want to put cereal in the bottle? Phoenix is right!

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Lots of great information and helpful hints!

An_222608 replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
Well DD is currently taking 4-5 ounces every 3 hours. I thought her feedings were suppose to start spreading out more. She doesn't seem ready for more ounces because she is so full after eating but is hungry shortly after. She also spits up quite a bit after eating, so maybe that's why she's hungry so soon after. I started her on cereal 4 days ago and she's getting the hang of eating from a spoon and does seem more satisified. We have her 4 month dr visit next week. I'm planning on bringing all of this to her attention. Any suggestions?
jrap1978 replied to An_222608's response:
that's right around average for her milk intake.jumping the gun with cereal in the bottle is not healthy.she will spread them out on her own in her own time, i dont know why everyone pushes this issue so much.
Ashcad124 responded:
I put cereal in my baby's bottle, but only at bedtime. She has no trouble with it.
jadedstar responded:
I put cereal in my DS bottle the peditrician told me to becuae of reflux the cereal wieghs it down so he dont thro up as much. when he eats baby food it is with a soft tip baby spoon for his age. but his cereal goes in his bottle not much just a formula size scoop for each scoop of formula he gets doctors reccomended it and he sleeps thru the night most nights and plays well and naps good in the day time but he is in the 55% or so for his size and age and gets cereal at every bottle and gets baby food twice a day most days. and when he gets baby food it is always atleast 2 hrs from a bottle feeding never both at same time if he did drink some its like 1/4 of an oz just to wash don the food thats it and his ped thinks he is doing great! every baby is different and every baby start at different times and you have to figure out whats best for your baby and dont let other people tell you waht to do if it works for your baby great if not then try something else
~Jaded Star~ 33~ ~DD Anlea 7yrs~ ~DS Eli Rain 3 months~ I am single mom! I am loving and learning everyday!
jadedstar replied to An_222607's response:
my pedi doc says at 2-3 months for all babies and if reflux is issues beffore two months its a tablespoon of rice for each 2 oz of formula like a formula scoop and a rice scoop we tried just one scoop but had to go to 2 scoops for a four oz bottle works great
~Jaded Star~ 33~ ~DD Anlea 7yrs~ ~DS Eli Rain 3 months~ I am single mom! I am loving and learning everyday!

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