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    Is it too soon
    kbdil1 posted:
    I need some help....I am a mom to 2 healthy little boys both normal height and weight and developing prefectly like they should..I know someone who had a child 5 months ago and baby(boy) was born normal on time at 8lbs 1 oz. Since birth the baby has been in the hospital 3 times and only weighs 11lbs. The mother has been feeding baby boy baby food since he was like 1 1/2 to 2 months old. Not a little baby food but a whole thing of baby food. She gets wic and was told to stop feeding him it and hasnt..I just found out that she wont tell the peds that she is giving him baby food. @ 4 months my boys were on cereal and at 6 months baby food per our peds. Lately her baby has been throwing up more then a sick adult would throw up....Need some advice as to what I should do. She wont listen to me so I dont know what to do.....PLEASE HELP.

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    Haylen_WebMD_Staff responded:
    If you feel that the baby is not being properly cared for and could be in a health crisis, I suggest you contact your local Department of Child Protection Services.

    There are a few resources in the WebMD Crisis Resource list.

    phoenix31674 responded:
    Definitely call CPS or some other authority. The baby had an underdeveloped gut when she started feeding him food and I don't know if the food would have slowed it down. Odds are because she's on WIC, she's doing food because it is way cheaper than formula and she clearly knows this is wrong because she's not telling the doctor. For the sake of this little boy, you need to let someone know. i'm sure he gets better in the hospital because he's being properly fed formula, but of course gets worse at home because he's not being fed properly.

    When you do notify, make sure they know about the feeding issues specifically. It won't be easy, but this little boy needs help.
    kbdil1 replied to phoenix31674's response:
    After talking to the baby's father last night I found out that they did tell the peds when the baby had his last appt and the dr told them to stop because he wasnt ready for it. Then he told me that they decided not to listen to the dr because the last time the baby was in the hospital the dr didnt come see him an "in house" dr saw him. Then they were told from a nurse from a childrens hospital that it was ok to give him the baby food as long as he can handle it. Wic provides formula to mothers but she doesnt use the brand they give her. I was told that they are not listening to Wic because "Wic starts babies on baby food at 2 months and gives babies 2nd foods not 1st food to start with."
    lestersgirls replied to kbdil1's response:
    Our WIC (Oklahoma) doesn't start babies on baby food until 6 months and it is stage 2. They won't even give cereal until 6 months. I guess I don't understand why they are still on WIC if they don't use the formula prescribed and probably aren't getting baby food yet.
    I , personally, would call CPS. It doesn't sound like they are just being ignorant anymore. After WIC and their pediatrician both told them he's not ready, they are still doing it. That is intentional.
    I know it breaks your heart to see this baby sick and it would be hard to call on your friends, but you may be his only chance at being healthy.
    Good luck!
    JessHeath responded:
    Ooh, thats a tough situation. You know, some babies can handle food that young. I know my grandma always used to feed her babies early and my daycare person was pressuring me to start my son because she always started her boys at like 1 month old. Mine is 4 months and I just started him on cereal and some veggies per pedi's advice. The baby you are talking about could, and probably does, have some serious stomach issues. I wouldn't call CPS just yet, probably they won't do anything, she will not be your friend anymore and then you can't help him. To me it doesn't sound like anyone has ever explained why they shouldn't feed him, what could be happening, etc. I would strongly suggest that she take the baby to a gastro pediatrician. See if she is willing to let you come with so you can hear what he/she says too. Someone needs to tell the parents why not to feed. Sometimes just saying don't feed that doesn't work but if you tell her it could be hurting the child because maybe there is a food allergy, reflux, gluten intolerance, etc and those can really be serious. If she still won't listen, call CPS but be prepared for her to not be your friend (it doesn't matter though, you have to for the kids sake and she will eventually see it that way, hopefully)
    kbdil1 replied to JessHeath's response:
    Thank you all for the advice. I should 1st start by saying that the little boy is in fact my nephew (my baby brother's child). When I was talking to both of them, not at the same time, about my concerns I explained to them that maybe the reason why he is having all the problems is because of the baby food and that his body isn't digesting the food. When he throws up, which he throws up more the a sick adult, there is baby food in the vomit and it can bee from a feeding as long as 6 hrs prior. Everytime I try and talk to them she turns around a complains on facebook about ppl trying to tell her how to raise her child but never gets into details as to why someone is saying something. MY advice or concerns fall on deaf ears and they act like I dont know what I am talking about. I dont know. DCFS might not really do anything because he is getting to that age where they can start baby food.
    Haylen_WebMD_Staff replied to kbdil1's response:
    I would not assume what DCFS can or can't do for a child. It sounds like this child is sick and not getting the proper attention. If you are not comfortable making the call yourself, perhaps you can seek out another family member, close friend or member of the clergy.

    brewbaby responded:
    Babies shouldnt have anything before 4 months at a MINIMUM and The American Pediatric Association says no solids before 6 months. Before that their system is immature and it can make them horribly sick! I would def consult DCFS because if they arent doing what is right for their baby now, they aren't going to magically start. Purposley ignoring the health of your child is neglect and is unacceptable. This poor lil guy doesnt have a voice and is suffering. I would be on the phone ASAP and contact the ped as well, so they can file a complaint too and continue to watch the baby.
    MRSKuhns replied to Haylen_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I agree
    ami_nix responded:
    How is the little guy now? Was the mother giving him formula? My son is 3 1/2 months and I just started giving him alittle cereal with banana mixed in once a day but, I still give him a bottle every couple hours or so, on demand. It really sounds like the little one wasn't getting enough nutrients or calories which are going to come primarily from the formula. I hope that the poor little guys mother has decided to do what is in her baby's best interest. I know that formula is expensive but, if someone is going to have a baby, they need to make his care their priority!
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