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I need you to watch this and give me opinions
JessHeath posted:
Its my son and I think he has Sandifers syndrome which can be from severe GERD. Anyone see this before? He is very happy, loveable, wonderful baby. After he eats, he almost always postures, not always this severe but pretty much everytime he eats. He is primarily breastfed but it is bottle fed expressed milk because he has this extension thing so he pulls off the breast as soon as my milk comes in.....I gave up, but pump 5 times a day and can keep up. I give 1 bottle of Nutramigen formula at night with some cereal in it, per pedi recommendations. He has been allergy tested, no allergies. I have tried giving up milk and soy in my diet, no results. I tried no caffeine, no results. He is on prevacid and we periodically do chiropractic, we also elevate his head when he sleeps at night. He doesn't usually puke a lot, sometimes a little. he's in the 98th percentile for weight so sometimes I think doctors don't take me seriously but I did convince one doctor who is going to do an endoscopy on April 12, I think he thinks I'm crazy and he's just appeasing me. Unfortunately I didn't have this video to show him but will show him next time I see him. He wakes often at night because will only eat a little at a time, postures, then falls asleep again. Its exhausting!!!! Also posting on 1 year board.

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