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Teething, maybe?
catherinerocks posted:
I'm a first time mommy. My son is 5mo & I think he's teething. He's been drooling (for like a month now) & chewing on his fingers, toys, blakets. For the last 2 days now, he's been way more fussy/cranky than usual, he's been sleeping A LOT! He slept from like noon until 7pm, after sleeping all night! And he hasn't been eating very much. I'm usually paranoid about EVERYTHING with him & I don't know if I'm just being paranoid or if I should be concerned. Please help!!
ami_nix responded:
It sounds like the same thing that's going on with my son (He's 4 months) and my Pediatrian said he was teething but, I'd check with your Dr. to be on the safe side.
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Dudina replied to ami_nix's response:
my son is 3 months old and has started the teething process at 2 1/2 months (and this was confirmed by the pediatrician).

The problem is that he doesnt want to have his feed and is giving me a reallly hard time....last time i spent 2 hours trying to feed him but he simply refused. He manages to eat if he falls asleep.

i read somewhere that sleepfeeding is not good because the baby will not go back to eating during his waking hours

i am desperate and tired of trying different ways to feed my baby and differenet positions and different rooms and different bottles etc etc

can anyone help pls
ami_nix replied to Dudina's response:
Have you tried giving him tylenol? That's what our Pediatrician suggested and it seems to work really well for him. Most likely, the reason he's not eating is because it hurts so, the tylenol should help with that. Also, there's this product called Gripe water that's like a miracle product and it helps with the tummy discomfort caused by teething. I also use the really inexpensive bottles, they make it easier for them to get the milk out. I tried all the really nice bottles and my son hated them.
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Dudina replied to ami_nix's response:
we tried teething gel and supositories.....when he is in pain they work a bit

but the problem i have is that he doesnt want to feed if he is awake.....he feeds only while asleep.....infact here its 7:30 in the morning and he just missed his morning bottle because he is awake and wants to play....i tried spoon feeding him and squeezing the bottle dummy in his mouth but he is simply not swallowing it

im not happy and wondering whether this is a serious issue which needs further attention

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