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    3 month old rolling over
    mommy10703 posted:
    My daughter who is 3 months old just learned to roll over. She's doing a pretty good job, but sometimes has a hard time rolling back. Well last night, she started rolling over to sleep on her stomach! She scared the bejesus out of me because she was literally face down on the mattress. It didn't seem to bother her at the least. She eventually turned her head to the side. But none the less, its makes me super nervous! I would turn her over onto her back, but she was adamant and would just roll right back over to her side and stomach. Any advice??? I don't remember my son doing this so early. Do I let her be in confidence that she'll turn her head? Or is it too early for them to really know when they're breathing is restricted?

    So nervous, I hardly slept last night.
    ami_nix responded:
    I've always heard that once they can roll over onto their tummy, they are ok to sleep that way. I would ask your Pedriatrian but, I think the worry is that when they are new born, they aren't able to turn their heads and could sufficate. Once they can turn over, they can move their heads if they need to. I hope this helps! I understand your worries, My son is 4 months old and I STILL wake up every two hours and check on him..
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    elenasmommie responded:
    I was told if they can pick their head up when they are on their tummies, then it's safe to let them sleep on their stomachs. My DS has been a belly sleeper since he was about 6-8 weeks old. I could not get him to sleep on his back.

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