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Night nursing
ncmomandlawyer posted:
Hi. I am new here. I have a daughter who is about 3.5 months old. She was born 10lbs, 7oz (yes, vaginally) and has steadily gained a lot of weight since! Up until about a week ago she would only sleep in my arms at night and she'd "snack" all night. Last week we let her CIO and THANK GOD it has been working so far. She cries for only a few minutes before naps/bedtime. Since she was used to eating all night I have been nursing her at 11pm before I go to bed and again about 4 hours later. I go in and pull her out of bed while she is asleep. I do NOT let her wake up out of hunger. So, what feed do you think I can drop and when? I'm thinking about ending the 11pm feeding and just doing one feed in the middle of her night for a while before I attempt to quit the night feedings altogether. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
kay_kay75 responded:
You should not wake up a baby to feed them, at 4 months (not far off for you) the baby should be sleeping through the night and not need to be nursed in the middle of the night. My daughter cut out the nighttime feedings herself by sleeping through them, your baby will not let themselves starve and they will let you know if they are hungry. I would say feed her right before she goes to bed and then as soon as she gets up and see if that helps you some.

My daughter is almost 7 months now and she has a bottle before she goes to sleep about 730pm and then she doesn't wake until about 630am to eat again. Stay strong, you can make it through this.

BTW, I never weaned my daughter she decided that she no longer wanted to breastfeed by refusing the breast. It made me sad but you also have to prepare yourself for that.
Katya1985 responded:
Do not wake up your baby during the night. I f she doesn't wake up then she is not hungry. My son had never eat during the night ever since he was born and I never wake him up. Plus babies are so good with the routine. If you will wake her up to eat in the middle of the night she will get used to eat and keep it as a habit until she will be far a toddler. Just get your sleep, you are so lucky and if she gets hungry, she will let you know.

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