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Is this GERD??
marrinarayan posted: baby boy is 3 months old now.. he has got some digestion problem since birth..i give him my breast milk as well as started bottle feeding.i gave him just 1 or 2 bottles in a day and rest of the time i gave him breast milk..but when i started his formula feeding (i gave him NAN milk powder) he started soon as i finishd his bottle, he vomitted..and he vomits with full force and vomit came out from his mouth and nose(his vomit always comes out from his mouth and nose and with full force)..i tried that formula for apprx 10 days and when vomits did not stop, i stopped giving him formula..then after some days he vomits when i gave him breast milk..i checked with pediatrician..he said his nose is block so this is happening..i used norsaline drop and after some time his vomits stopped..then i started lactogen " formula..which his stomach accepted ..but sometimes he vomits on this formula also..i try to give him as much breastmilk as possible and give him formula whenever we r out as im not going out much so i m giving him bottle after 4 to 5 days..but he again started vomitings..after formula he does not vomit but just after formla when i give him breast milk (after 2 hrs duration) he vomits immediately..also he spits milk most of the time even after he burps..and he also most of the time dose not burp..also he always choke his thrat while feeding...i want to know is it gerd??
butterflygirl_530 responded:
My 3mo DS had the same symptoms that u are describing. I did not breast feed him but he would constantly spit up or vomit after he ate. The pediatrician did a test called a barium swallow to check his lower stomach muscles to make sure they were working right. Luckily they were. He said he had a touch of acid reflux (gerd). They put him on a low dose of Zantac and it has helped him tremendously. So u may wanna talk to the doctor again about this. They also switched my DS formula. Hope this helps and I hope ur little one gets better. Keep us posted

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