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Rice vs Oatmeal Cereal
sdadkin posted:
Which cereal are you supposed to start out with? My son is 4 1/2 months old and we started him on rice cereal last week (he still hasn't caught on yet). I was pretty sure the Dr told us to start with rice, but my mom and my aunt say you should start with oatmeal. Which one is easier for babies to eat? I thought they were the same, but I guess I was wrong. Would the type of cereal I am feeding my son affect the way he is able to eat it? I never had this problem with my now 2 year old DS. He loved it right away, but I think we started him off on oatmeal.
Olivetre responded:
I started my daughter on rice also. I think that either would be okay just as long as it is the single grain variety. My neice was allergic to rice so they used oatmeal. Once I knew my daughter was not allergic I tried oatmeal also and she seemed to like it better.
ami_nix responded:
We started my son on rice cereal at 4 months and then at 5 months tried him on the oatmeal. He likes the oatmeal more but it makes him constipatedso, we switched him back to rice. My Pediatrician said that either is fine as long as it is a single grain cereal.
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kay_kay75 replied to ami_nix's response:
My daughter hates them both, she makes a gagging face when I give her cereal and she is 8 months old, so I just give her baby food. She is getting better with that too. She gets more formula than anything but I am going to try the cereal again in a week or so maybe with some fruit in it to see if she will like it better.

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