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    zabroza86 posted:
    My little guy is 4 months and when he was about a month or so, I would let him sleep with me. Don't get me wrong, I first put him in his bassinet which is to the right of my bed, but during his 2am feeding....I'll let him cuddle and sleep with me until I have to get up for work at 5.

    I've heard mixed reviews on this subject and I was wondering what you ladies had to say about it.

    BTW, he is an AWESOME cuddler. <3

    camsmom11 responded:
    My little guy sleeps with me also. I did also put him in rhe bassinet but he would only sleep for like thirty minutes and then start crying. My six year old daughter sleeps with me also. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't sleep if they aren't in the bed with me. He is 14 weeks by the way.
    wmatto83 responded:
    My little guy is 5 months and since we bought him home he has started in his crib and made it a couple hours and then the crying gets to much to keep getting out of bed constantly so after the 3rd or 4th time I take him out to the couch and we sleep until I have to get up for work. I need to get some sort of sleep so my theory is you do what you need to do to get thru the night and get sleep.
    zabroza86 responded:
    OK, I don't feel that bad now. I was told by my Pedi that I "shouldn't" let him sleep with me, but I think I'm doing's not like I roll over on him or anything.

    I am hoping to have him sleep in his crib by 6 months because by then he will sleeping through the night...*crosses fingers and knocks on wood* HOWEVER, I wouldn't mind him sleeping in my bed.
    JoAnna: 25, Marcus: 25, Kaleb: DOB 6/16/2011 4 months old, Duke (black chihuahua) 1 year, and Vash (rottweiler/lab mix) 2 years.
    leftcoastgirl responded:
    My LO isn't 3 month yet, but I've been lurking on your board.

    My DH and I have co-slept with our 3-year-old and now with our new LO. Co-sleeping is a lot more common than you might think - but many co-sleeping parents choose not to advertise the fact that they do it. With our older DD, we never planned to co-sleep but ended up doing it because she slept so much better. Then we kept doing it because we loved it so much. She is now transitioning into a "big girl" toddler bed in our room, although that's been on hold a bit since DD 2 was born.

    Here's a link to some great info on co-sleeping, including safety info:
    Me (35), DH (35), DD (3), DD (born Jan. 6)
    ButterflyBaby1107 responded:
    I do the same thing. I don't think there is any harm in it--just make sure that there are no big pillows around that can smother the baby.
    fiannakyn replied to ButterflyBaby1107's response:
    If you follow the same rules for the family bed as for a crib, you should be ok. IE -firm mattress, well fitting sheets, no pillow or blanket near the baby and plenty of room for you to sleep comfortably.

    when our Lo was born, we had a new bed on order cause the old one was "dead" I REFUSED to let DH bring LO to sleep in the bed unless one of us was awake the whole time cause the old bed was too soft and the sheets popped off and rumpled too easy. with the new bed, which is a firm mattress, and well fitting sheets, I will let DH bring him in to snuggle if he wakes an hour or less before time to get up. I still dont feel like we have enough room so I dont sleep well when he's in the bed. but we also had a "Arm's Reach Co-Sleeper" - a pack n play with one side that folded down and strapped to your bed, so the baby was still in his/her own bed, but was still right there. I HIGHLY recommend that for anyone who wants them right there but worried about the family bed idea.

    They also make little "beds" that actually lay on the bed that have firm sides etc that the baby sleeps in but is still cuddleable and on the bed with you. (often used for newborns traveling like adoptions from out of state)

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