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Baby Food Question
zabroza86 posted:
Last week was my first time giving my 4 month old (almost 5 months) son some baby food (banana) on Tues, Wed and Thurs of last week and he ate it very well. [it was the same little jar for those 3 days, I didn't want to overdo it since it was his first "real" food> Well at daycare they say he was doing great acting like normal, however on Friday they told me hadn't had a BM, which concerned me because he is quite normal. Needless to say, he FINALLY had a couple on Sunday morning and it was rock hard and then finally it got back to creamy. *sorry for the tmi*

Back to what I'm asking.....

How was your babies first couple of days with baby food?
Should I continue giving him baby food?

Kaleb's Mommy
JoAnna: 25, Marcus: 25, Kaleb: DOB 6/16/2011 4 months old, Duke (black chihuahua) 1 year, and Vash (rottweiler/lab mix) 2 years.
wmatto83 responded:
Completely normal! I guess from what I read when you change up there food it takes a couple days for there bodys to adjust so they may not go for a couple days. But then they might start going more because more food going in, The consistency of the BM is normal also. I don't know which I would rather the infant poop or this poop lol!!! My DS he is 5 mos. He still goes thru spurts where he won't poop for a day and then the next day he makes up for it. I think it is just what their bodys are trying to get use to.

My DS loves his baby he eats a whole small jar a day one of fruits and one of veggies and cearal in the morning. He gobbles everything down. I think you are safe to keep giving him the food. I was cleared at 4 months by my Baby's doctor to start him on foods but he told one week do cearal then next week add on the fruit and then the following add on the veggies. Do you may want to check with your babys doctor.
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zabroza86 replied to wmatto83's response:
Thanks Wmatto83

I will try a different baby food this week.
JoAnna: 25, Marcus: 25, Kaleb: DOB 6/16/2011 4 months old, Duke (black chihuahua) 1 year, and Vash (rottweiler/lab mix) 2 years.

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