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Sitting Up????
wmatto83 posted:
Hey all! I have a 5 month son. And it seems like he should be sitting on his own by now. And he sits great when i have my hand behind him support him but if I let go he sits for like 2 seconds and starts to learn forward or to the side so he can't do it all on his own yet. Although I feel like he should be. Has anyone else's baby sat on his or her own yet? Or what about your previous babies when did they start sitting on their own?? I am sooo concerned about him being delayed in development. I have a friend that is against vaccines cause she claims it delays development. Well my boy is vaccinated but I still worry that I did something wrong. UGH! First time mom here lol!
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zabroza86 responded:
Do you by chance have a Bumbo? (its supposed to help with sitting down by himself). My son is considered a "supported sitter" and does well in the Bumbo as well as sitting on my lap. However, when I do sit him by himself on the floor, he does well for about 2 seconds then giggles then falls to the side and does a kinda roll. haha its kinda cute. I think every LO is different and you shouldn't really worry if he isn't sitting by himself yet. Remember, some LO's don't crawl they just get up and start wobbling. ***just my opinion***

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sdadkin responded:
My DS turned 6 months old on the 3rd and he is still not sitting up on his own. Your son is perfectly normal. Some babies take longer than others to reach milestones. My first DS did not crawl until he was 11 months old and didn't walk until 14 months! Your DS will be sitting up in no time. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you. Just enjoy this time where he still wants to be held. Once he figures out how to move on his own he wont want to be held anymore!
wmatto83 replied to sdadkin's response:
Thanks girls! zabroza86 I do have a bumbo and I think it has helped to be a supported sitter he loves that chair! haha my LO is the same way you sit him on the floor and he gets so excitted that 5 seconds later he starts falling it is cute! I know I am trying to remember every little one is different but you have those people that say oh he isn't doing this yet or that?? URGH! Makes you feel like something is wrong. I was the same way as a baby I walked before crawling.
Thanks sdadkin that makes me feel better it is nice when you have an older one to kind of go off of I will know all this for next tiime. I hope I am more relaxed with my 2nd one! Thanks again ladies! We did hit a milestone last night I felt a sharp little tooth cutting thru!! He has been having symptoms for 2 months now so i am happy to see progress in that department!
ME 28 DH 39 DS born 5/24/11 2 Brittany Fury Sons (both 5)

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