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BM Question
zabroza86 posted:
This is a little TMI, sorry in advance.

How many BM's are your kiddo's having a day? This past weekend was horrible for my LO I felt so bad for him.

As of Friday, he was having trouble going #2, so I stopped giving him the cereal and any baby food so that maybe he can become regular Sat & Sun. Well....that didn't quite work out that way. He ended up having BM's but they were extremely hard and he would scream/cry each time one would come out. I gave him some water figuring he wasn't getting enough liquid in his system, but still had trouble going.

I didn't change or add anything so I have no idea what it could be. I just upped his formula to 5oz since he was still hungry after the 4oz bottles, but that's all I have changed. *shrugs*

Random question, but do you think my moods could have anything to do with it?

Thanks in advance,
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wmatto83 responded:
Well my LO will usually have one a day. Now there is some days where he will have none and then the next day will have four go figure! So people may argue with this but my Pedi told mea few months ago my LO wasn't going for like 3 days he said mix 1 oz water with 1 oz prune juice. Well he went for sure then. Sometimes cearal and other foods can mess up their cycle just until they get their bodies back on track at least that is what I read. As for the hard BMs mmmm...that is a touch one if you aren't giving him any baby food which I am assuming you aren't yet then I am not sure what would be causing that. I would just make a call your Pedi and ask if there is anything you can give to soften the BMs.

I don't think your moods would have anything to do with it. They only thing is when he does go if you are like grumpy and pissy with him then maybe then it could have something to do with it. My LO when he goes he laughs and giggles because when he wasn't going a few months ago and when he finally did I made a big deal out of would clap and say yay!! LOL so ever since then he thinks it is a good time to get a poopy diaper change! believe it or not babies can pick up on your moods.
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