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Rapid weight gain - should I be concerned about obesity?
amr4434 posted:
Hello All,
My precious LO is 11 weeks old. Her birth weight was 6lbs 3oz (25th percentile). She weighed 12.5 lbs at her 2 mo check up (75th-90th percentile). I have read some reports online about rapid weight gain in infants leading to childhood obesity. I am worried about this and want to know if anyone has any advice.

We had some issues early on with acid reflux, gerd, and colic. She is on Alimentum and a variety of meds to help with the reflux. She throws up a few times a week. Our Ped. was never overly concerned about the vomiting because she keeps gaining weight. Otherwise, she is perfectly healthy.

She eats between 2 - 4oz every 2-3 hours. She is down to 2 feedings each night. I have made every effort to only feed her when she is hungry. I don't feel like I am over feeding.

My first concern is that her weight gain is abnormal and in some way my fault.
My second concern is that something else may be causing the weight gain and is totally unrelated to her food intake.
My third concern is that I am overreacting to all of this and she just went through a growth spurt.

What do you think?
wmatto83 responded:
Well as far as your feedings I believe as long as you are feeding her between 24 to 32 oz a day you are in line with everyone else. As far as her weight gain I don't think it is that extreme. The "average" baby I believe gains 1 oz a day from birth to their two month check up. Now she was small when she was born so it is very very possible she is going thru a growth spurt. Some babies have theirs early some later. My nephew had his at like 9 months old he got huge!!!! Now he is 15 months and is right in line with everyone else. I am sorry to hear of her acid reflux, gerd and colic. i hear colic is not fun at all. My LO had acid reflux he was on zantac for about two months he is fine now. My pedi althought most people will yell at you for doing two months old told me to put a teaspoon of rice cearal in his bottle for every ounce. And to raise his crib bed on one side or have him sleep in a bouncy seat. The rice cearal kept him fuller longer. But I have the other problem my little guy has been underweight he finally at 6 months old has reached average. I expect him to go thru his own growth spurt soon. If your pedi isn't on you about her weight gain then I wouldn't worry too much. Pedis look at for obesity anymore.
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lenono97 responded:
I don't think you have anything to worry about. Every child is different. As long as she is satisfied after each feeding, you are feeding her enough. I don't believe babies are capable of overeating. They will stop when they are full and rufuse the bottle or nipple. Both my son and daughter were 10 pounds at their 2 month appointment. My friend had a very "chunky" baby. He is now 7 years old and a string bean! Another example, another friends daughter is 6 months old in 12 month clothing. They will even out eventually. As long as you consistently feed your child healthy food, limit sweets and encourage exercise, and model this behavior yourself, I don't think you need to worry about obesity.

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