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sick baby for 3 months
melissiahead posted:
My little one got sick the 1st of October she is 5 months old now but she is still running a low grade temp,has a very moist cough,when you pick her up you can feel the fluid in her chest when she breaths,she spitts up sometimes and other times she throws up the doctors keep telling me she is fine but we ended up in the ER about a month and a half ago and was told that she had fluid in her lungs and edema in her chest but the PA that seen her said that they were not going to do any test to make sure that nothing else was wrong. We have been back to the doctor just about every 2 weeks because they put her on a medication and tell us to try it for a week and if it dont work to bring her back but even her ped wont run test to see what is going on. What should we do? HELP PLEASE
wmatto83 responded:
Oh my I am sorry to hear you are going thru this. What a shame! I am really shocked that no one seems to want to help you. At first I was thinking pneumonia. But that would not have lasted this long without getting way way worse first. I really don't know what it could be. But I know what I would do....I would find myself a new set of doctors. I am not sure where you live but I live in PA and I live a small rural area. But suprisely all our Peds are very good but if they can't figure it out they usually send us to a bigger city that specializes in baby pediatrics. For instance Gensinger in Danville is where alot of babies end up of Lehigh Valley in Allentown. Both excellent hospital for babies. That is what I think you should do this is tooo long for your baby to be sick like that.
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melissiahead replied to wmatto83's response:
She is coughing it seems like all of the time and there is nothing that the doctors have given her that seems to work. We have to have a referal in order to go see another doctor and I am not that familer with alot of doctors around where we live. It has gotten to the point of where everytime she has her formula she is either spitting up alot of it or throwing it up same goes with when she eats baby food I just wish that they would do some test to find out what is going on so we could get some answers it is get so frusterating not knowing anything.

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