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Forked Tongue
TLC_JCAC posted:
My little girl is 5months old..I have noticed her forked tongue for several months now. I did not think anything of it until my mother who has been a nurse for 30+ years pointed it out. Her tongue cannot stick out past her gums and she does have problems eating and everytime she smiles you can see that little pice of tissue pull her tongue and make the fork in it very large.. almost looking like a snake.. she will probably have to have surgery but my question is how bad is the surgery? and recover time? what if i choose not to do surgery now? is it better now when she is little or wait until she is a little older?
LinZNye responded:
What your baby has is called a tongue tie, or a tied tongue. Make an appt with an ENT doctor, or ask your pediatrician to recommend one. The ENT doc will talk to you about the surgery and recovery time for a 5 month old.

My daughter had something similar and I got it snipped at 1 month old, because everything I read said the younger the baby is when you get the surgery, the easier it is. It was a very minor surgery (just a snip) done in the doctor's office with local anesthesia. I read that if I waited until she was older, they might have to put her under general anesthesia, which is more dangerous, and it would take longer for her to recover.
lbcash responded:
I have a very close friend who had two children who were tongue tied. They both had the surgery with very quick recovery times. Her son was almost three years old before they knew it (even the pediatrician missed it) and he wasn't talking. He was trying to but he couldn't make out any words. Within a month of his surgery he began pronouncing words and he is now four and talking great. She immediately had her daughter checked and she had to have surgery too. They both did great. Good luck!!

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