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Ptosis, anyone had this problem?
nadieva1980 posted:
Hi everyone,
I'm a first time mom of a 4-and a half month old. Last week my LO was dignosed with ptosis of the left eye (droopy eyelid). His left eyelid does not open all the way as his right one does. The eyelid is right above the pupil, but covers the upper portion of the upper dark part of the eye...
The eye specialist told us that he should have a surgery at 6 months to insert some silicone thing that would help his eyelid open when he moves his eyebrow. This insert mentioned would have to be replaced as the baby grows (in a successful surgery the first replacement would last for about 2 years). Then the LO would have to go to surgeries for the rest of his life
Has anyone had to deal with ptosis? What was your recommendation? What did you decide and how old is your LO now? What was the outcome?

The doctor says that if we wait too long the vision on the left eye can worsen (there is a little astigmatism developing already), also other issues might appear, for example with the neck problems as my LO tries to lift his head to see better with his left eye.

I'm so sad, and waiting to get a second opinion. Currently I'm waiting and as per the doctor's recommendation placing an eye patch for 2hrs every day so that the left eye is used more. I wish there was an alternative to surgery so that my LO's vision is not affected and no surgeries for the rest of life....Any feedback with real experience will be greatly appreciated.
lbc9112 responded:
My daughter had strabismus (which i know is different). the reason for my reply is to warn you of the patching. The tape is horrible and will cause marks, possibly ripping of the skin. i used a pirate like patch when she was an infant bc she couldnt remove it.
im proud you are getting a second opinion regarding surgery. hopefully at a Children's Hospital. We allowed military doctors to sway us into infant surgery at 12 weeks and 16 weeks, then at 10 mos.
nothing helped but glasses!!
my daughters final surgery was at 6 years old to remove scar tissue from previous surgeries.
enough said. good luck, and god bless!

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