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Fluid filled Lump on head?
Heather posted:
Ok, when I brought my LO home from daycare yesterday I noticed a lump on the back of her head. It is towards the top by the crown area. It is squishy like a water blister but under her scalp about the size (lenght and width) of an adult thumb if you were to lay it on her head. Called the daycare and they said nothing happened while she was there. I called her doc and they said to take her to the ER to be looked at. Other than the lump, she is totally normal..smiling, eating, using the bathroom ect. No fever. At the ER, they looked at her and said she was normal but wanted to do a Catscan to be sure since the lump is close to her fontinel(SP?). Scan came back fine with no problems. So they sent us home said to watch her and if she gets a fever or starts acting different to bring her back. It make me a little uneasy that they couldn't tell me what it was. It has not gotten any bigger since yesterday. So, my question is; have any of you experienced this before? Are there any glands on her head that could be inflamed or would a bug bite cause the same reaction. The ER doc was not very helpful but I believe he was to pre-occupied with the nurses and what they were eating for dinner. I'm worried but not freaking out yet since she is still being so normal. I appreciate any knowledge any of you can share.
Minnmommy responded:
I haven't experienced this before but I'm shocked that the daycare didn't notice it. It would have always come back on us at the one I worked at if the parent called to ask about it and we didn't bring it up first via accident/incident report or a courtesy call. Not to say that you don't have a good daycare, I'm just surprised.

With that said though, luckily its friday and you'll be at home with Isabela all weekend.. but on Monday if its still there I would tell the teachers in your daughter's room that they need to keep an eye on it. It is something they should know is worth keeping an eye on and what signs they need to look for.
Brawley_Mom responded:
My 2 year old was born with this same bump. I took him into his pediatrician and was referred to Children's Hospital for a 2nd opinion. After evaluating him, the specialist explained that it was common and called a water cyst. It was simply explained as a "water pouch" which is found under the skin. The doctor explained that they could extract it once my son aged. He also explained that the water pouch could be drained out with a syringe but that the pouch would just create more water. So the best option would be to remove the whole pouch by having a small incision made once he became older or if the pouch became bigger. He explained this bump didn't cause him pain. And sure enough it didn't. Well my son is about to turn 2 years old and I am happy to say that the bump disappeared on its own! Just make sure to keep your eye on it.

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