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Jen__ posted:
Please give us our old message boards back. I think you're going to lose a lot of users.

* The newborn to 3 month board is missing.
* The new format is hard to use--you can only see a couple discussions at once.
* Our signatures are missing on replies, this is extremely helpful on the parenting boards especially.
* The "popular" posts are old. Some of them are over a year old!

Anyone else want to add what they have found?
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LMaar responded:
A lot of your posters have created groups on facebook and CafeMoms because of how much harder this is to read and post.

you covered a lot of the major problems Jen__
heather7257 replied to LMaar's response:
I feel like a lot of people got lost during the transition and never found the correct boards. Hardly anyone posts anymore.
scperdomo responded:
I'm kind of lurking here, but since no one is really posting anymore - they all left!!! I wanted come over here and complain, lol.

I would really like an explanation as to why they felt the need to change it.

I guess I will eventually see you all on FB or CM.
staceyj0709 responded:

Of you want users, change it back. I loved WebMD and now I can;t stand it
jagersmommy replied to staceyj0709's response:
aggreed! I miss all my webmd mommies!
happily_expecting responded:
I HATE IT I HATE IT I HATE IT!!!! I recently had my graphics card go out and have been off for a while and then come back to this it sucks!!!!!

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