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Jessica Simpson Comment
happyredhead posted:
Jessica Simpson said on Barbara Walters radio show that she would never consider being "just a housewife". Am I the only one outraged about this? I've looked for a way to complain to her AND Sirius radio, but no luck. Ugh! Not that I take her seriously, but some young girls do!
kristinmarie722 responded:
Is it that she said just a housewife? Or that she wouldnt want to be a housewife? No different then someone saying that they wouldnt want to work away from home or be away from their children.
It's just her opinion. Who cares what she thinks?
I get what you are saying in your post that it is kind of degrading to housewives. But there are people who say they would never work in fast food, or never be a garbage truck driver. Etc. Etc. It's all the same concept to me.
seeit2 responded:
That is really rude. Still, I said the same thing in my 20s, then had a baby and changed my tune. I bet that will come back to bite her one day. But yeah, you should send her an email if you can!

I remember when Bill Clinton was campaigning for pres and Hillary said she had not been "at home baking cookies" as a mom, like that was a total waste of time....pissed off a LOT of women!
Iocasta responded:
Well, I have to say there is no way I could be just a housewife either. If being just a housewife is your goal then more power to you but it isn't my cup of tea and clearly, it isn't Jessica Simpson's either. I'm not sure why that statement is offensive, maybe I needed to hear her tone.
kristinmarie722 replied to Iocasta's response:
you put into words what I was thinking! :-)
happyredhead replied to Iocasta's response:
The quote was that she would never let a man make her "just be a housewife". It is offensive because using the word "just" implies that being a housewife is not enough. Imagine how you would feel if a man told you he didn't take you seriously because you were "just a woman"? And yes, I do think it's offensive if people say they would never be a truck driver or work in fast food. Who are you to look down on anyone who is busting their butt to earn an honest dollar?
happyredhead replied to kristinmarie722's response:
Perhaps I took her comment the wrong way, but to me the implication (if you read the text of her interview) is that being a housewife has less value than being out in the world.
kristinmarie722 replied to happyredhead's response:
Do you have the link to the interview? I would like to read it.
DidiToo responded:
I think it is fine for anyone to say that being a housewife is not for her.

The addition of the word "just," however, makes a clear derogatory implication about housewives in general. So, yes, it was an insensitive, dumb-ass statement. Of course, Jessica Simpson never struck me as having a lot upstairs, so perhaps consider the source.
Iocasta responded:
The quote is "I'm not going to give up my role in this life to just be a housewife." This is not all what you have intended to imply that it was. It comports with the implication that I gave it. Now, I still would like to have heard her tone because that could suggest something along the lines that you imply.
happyredhead replied to Iocasta's response:
I'm not sure how I "implied" anything different than what the quote you posted states. I stand by my opinion that the use of the word "just" implies being a housewife is inferior to "her role in this life". It's easy for two people to read text and interpret it different ways. That's why I started the topic. Thanks for your side, locasta.

Based on the posts it seems people see both sides. I would imagine she did not mean anything derogatory, it just came across that way TO ME. My concern would be those young girls who look forward to being a stay-at-home mom reading that and feeling that it's not a valued role.
rebecca45014 replied to happyredhead's response:
I think there is a big difference between being a houswife and a stay at home mom. If she said she wouldn't want to be just a stay at home mom then I would probably be offended. But she said a housewife. When I hear housewife I imagine someone sitting around all day doing nothing.
jlcohen78 replied to rebecca45014's response:
I agree with you on this. Being a house wife and a SAHM are 2 different things in my mind.

I read the link that was posted and I really don't find it offensive in the context that she was talking about. I don't think she was necessarily saying that her life is better than that of a housewife. It's just not something that she wants for herself.

And the use of the word "just" reminds me of the whole Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinski thing, lol!
DidiToo replied to jlcohen78's response:
Maybe it's a flaw caused by law school, but I think one word can make a difference in how something is portrayed. For example:

You watch the kids all day. Factual, neutral statement.

You just watch the kids all day. Is that all you're doing with your lazy self?

He brought a bottle of wine to the party. How nice of him!

He just brought a bottle of wine to the party. What a schnurra! He couldn't have cooked up a dish to pass?

You get the idea.

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