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multiple miscarriages
An_222558 posted:
[TRIGGER] Hi Ladies,
I am usually a lurker, but need some reassurance in the miscarriage department. I am wondering if anyone on here has been in my position. I have a beautiful daughter who is 2 1/2, and have recently suffered two in July, and one last week. Naturally, I am frustrated and confused. I didn't have any issues with my pregancy with my daughter. It just took a little while to get pregnant. These times, it hasn't taken long to get pregnant, they just won't stick. Has anyone else been through this...gone through a healthy pregnancy and then had a couple of miscarriages in a row? If so, have you gotten pregnant again and carried to term? Did you look further into it, medically speaking, or did you just keep trying until practice made perfect? Thanks for any reassurance that you can offer!
MrsWhiteCastle responded:
I am so sorry for your losses.

My 2 miscarriages were before my healthy pregnancies. Hopefully you won't mind me butting in. My doctor ran a simple blood test, and discovered I have a blood clotting disorder. By simply taking an extra vitamin, I was able to carry 2 healthy babies to term.

I would have the OB run a few tests. We could not have emotionally handled another m/c.
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VicsEandJ responded:
I'm sorry about your miscrraiges. If you really want great advice and reassurance about successful pregancies after miscarriages, I would advise checking out the Pregnacy after loss board's on Webmd. Those women are amazing.

Good luck- as you'll see, there are many great success stories!

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Iocasta responded:
I am very sorry for your losses. I agree the PAL board is a great resource and it was a life saver for me. I still communicate with several of the women I met there. Genetics and age were factors for me. The older we get the poorer quality our eggs are. Weight and hormone production, or lack thereof, can be issues as well. If you are post 35, and have been actively trying for over 6 months or under 35 and have been actively trying for a year, you might want to consult an reproductive endocrinologist. (((HUGS)))
FarmWife1979 responded:
I haven't experienced a miscarriage myself, but know several women that have successfully had one child, then miscarried several times before having another perfectly healthy and normal pregnancy. That would be why I'm 7 years younger than my older brother! There were a couple of miscarriages between us. Same with MIL - she had 3 normal pregnancies, then miscarried twice before the youngest child was born.

Don't lose hope, but it wouldn't hurt to ask your doc to do some testing just in case.
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tlkittycat1968 responded:
My SIL had a miscarriage, then her son, two miscarriages (one planned pregnancy, one not), a daughter then another son. In all, she had three miscarriages and has 3 healthy kids.
An_222559 responded:
Thank you all so much for your input, and well wishes. I am 28, and know that time is on my side. I just never imagined having this big of a gap between my children. I also feel the same way as you, MrsWhiteCastle, about not being able to handle another one. I've been stronger than I would have expected for these two, but three would be pushing it! :) Again, thank you all so much for your responses!

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