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Bed Rails
MrsWhiteCastle posted:
Does your DC still use a bed rail? When do/did you take it off?

I know we had to have taken Emily's off by this age -- we put it on Elizabeth's bed when she moved out of the crib. I just can't remember when we did it.

Elizabeth has some crazy attachment to her bed rail. She'll cry if we even ask her about taking it off. I bought her a pink/purple body pillow at Target today to try and entice her to use it instead. I'm just so sick of the darn bed rail!!!
Emily (5)  Elizabeth (3)
steckie98 responded:
We still have DS's on. He loves his too. It has a little night light on that he calls his "moon" and then a cup holder for his water. He would definitely miss it if it was gone.
Carrie (32), DH (36), DS Ashton (3)
phoenix31674 responded:
DD has a toddler bed that was her crib. it came with little rails, but she broke one off and I took the other one off. She's slept in hotel beds just fine, so when she gets a real bed here soon, we won't use rails. She did whine when i took the remaining rail off, but got over by the next night. Sometimes you just have to deal with the drama a little, but they get over it.
cinnabar66133 responded:
Andrew still has his bed rail -- he's all over the place when he sleeps so I'd be nervous taking it off!
Cindy (37), DH (36) One angel 5/06. DS is 3 y/o and DD born in 4/10.
cinder44 responded:
Like pp we still have the toddler beds with the bed rails that are part of the beds. We have their crib aquarium music players attached to them.

Soon we will transition to twin beds. I don't really want to get them bed rails at all but I am not sure if they will like it without their music to fall asleep to. I will have to tell them when they get new beds there will be no more music player. I will have find something else that plays music for them.
Me, DH, DD(3), DS(3) - twins
tlkittycat1968 responded:
DS is over 3 years old and still has the bedrail. He moves around so much we're afraid he'll fall out of bed if the rail weren't there.

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