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Therapies for 3 year old
tlkittycat1968 posted:
DS is 3 1/2 and not talking so he's in speech therapy 1x per week, soon to be 2x per week. He's also in occupational therapy 1x per week. He was evaluated for physical therapy in December and it was recommended. His neurologist recommended he have the extra speech therapy rather than the physical therapy since speech is where his greatest deficiency is. If I put him in physical therapy, he'll be in some sort of therapy 4x per week. Does that seem a lot for a 3 year old?
mol13 responded:
Of course it's a lot. The question is, does it meet his needs?

If DS is making progress, then the therapies are a good idea.

But... at 3.5 years old, does he qualify for special preschool through your school district or intermediate unit? That might work out better for him and the therapies would take place mostly as part of his school. My friend's son is 3 and autistic and qualified for school, 4 half-days a week, at age 3. His therapies happen there.
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ryanandleigh responded:
I don't think it sounds like that much as long as you don't do more than one a day. I assume that the sessions are not very long. If he needs the therapy, I would certainly go for it.
mol13 replied to ryanandleigh's response:
And, thinking about it, if they all take place around the same time each day, that's pretty good for purposes of routines around the house...
Molly (30) DH (36) David 8/30/07; beat cancer, now needs hearing aids. Jesse 07/05/09; my daredevil! Boy 3 (!) EDD 7/13/2011.
AJ__Sparrow responded:
It depends on how he responds to that many therapy sessions. My DS is also 3, and is in therapy twice a week. It was three times a week when he was 2, but he doesn't qualify for PT anymore. Anyway, he LOVES therapy, and adores his therapists. I'm sure that if they were to come 4 times a week instead of just twice, he would be ecstatic that they were visiting and playing more often. How does your DS like the therapy sessions that he's in already? If you get a good therapist (all of ours have been great), PT can be lots of fun. With DS, they did lots of active things like ball-kicking and throwing balloons around. He thought it was so much fun. :)
tlkittycat1968 replied to AJ__Sparrow's response:
DH takes DS to his appointment and says he enjoys them. His speech therapist says she has trouble getting him to focus for the 30 minutes and is going to try and find a smaller room with less distractions. His occupational therapist does do fun things with him so it is play for him.
Stephensmom1214 replied to tlkittycat1968's response:
I agree with Molly - you should see about having him tested through the school district. If he qualifies for preschool services, then all of that could happen WHILE he's in school (and bonus - it's FREE). My DS is 4, but he gets services through our school district - preschool, speech, and PT. He meets with his SLP individually twice a week (that's in the plan), but since all of the kids in his class get speech, she comes in and they do group stuff too, which is cool.
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phoenix31674 responded:
It is a lot, but if it helps, it will be so worth it. My nephew was diagnosed as autistic at 4 and is in special needs preschool and he gets his therapy while there. Even the regular part of the class is therapy for him with special ed teachers helping him learn to socialize. He is in therapy for both speech and sensory disorder.

You are the best one to make this decision and I would not be afraid to modify it based on how he's progressing. I would look to see if there is a preK program at the school for him.
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