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My 3 year old exploring his body
Cherie419 posted:
I have a 3 year old boy who is about to turn 4 next month. I keep getting these texts from his grandmother that watches him during the day that he is doing the craziest things. This last episode she found him under the playslide at her house with his pants down. She asked him what he was doing and told her nothing. Just pulled his pants up and walked away. Then told her that he wanted to pretend he was a bear and commenced to playing like nothing happened. I have caught him outside peeing on a tree before and I'm thinking "ok maybe that's just what boys do" He is very smart and creative for his age, most people think he is older. But he does have a curiousity when it comes to his private parts. Is this a phase that most kids his age go through by being curious about their private parts? Will he grow out of it. It's strange behaviour and I don't feel like I should punish him for being curious. We are concerned and will continue to watch the behaviour, but should this be something to lose sleep over? Is it him just being a boy??
emily8091457 responded:
Well... I don't have any boys... but from what I hear they are pretty impressed and fascinated by their privates! LOL I don't think it's unusual for them to play/explore themselves. I would just tell him that he needs to do it in private and that peeing on things isn't appropriate. Exploring is one thing (and can be done alone), but peeing on things in "public" could cause issues. :) Hopefully someone with a boy can add some better advice/tips... but it doesn't seem that weird to me at this point I guess. As you said, just keep an eye on it... if it seems to be something that he becomes increasingly obsessed with you might want to mention it to your pedi.
Cherie419 replied to emily8091457's response:
Thanks for the response. He's my first one and I have another one that's 2 1/2 months old. I guess I should watch big brother to see what little brother will be doing in a couple of years. haha! He always seems very fascinated with his private, especially after a bath. I will definately keep a watchful eye for anything really strange, but I guess he's just a boy being a boy.
Chris_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hiya, :)

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