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Anon_167186 posted:
Just being curious, would you allow your child to call you by your name, or only mom, momma, dad, daddy etc. I know growing up i would not call my mother by her name it was disrespectfull, but then i married a man who calls his mother by her name. I would like your input. He thinks itll be okay to allow our child call me by my name, but i would prefer not.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I prefer mom or mommy. I never called my parents by their names. The only time I call my mom by her first name is in a crown where there are too many moms to just say mom.
leftcoastgirl responded:
My DD will occasionally call me by my first name when she hears someone else do it. It's actually pretty cute and funny. But she usually calls me mommy or mom. I'm not sure I would "disallow" her from calling my by my name - that seems a little harsh - but it's just not anything we've had to deal with. If you call yourself "mommy" and your DH refers to you as "mommy," that's what your child is going to call you.
Me (35), DH (35), DD (3), and our new addition due January 9, 2012!
FarmWife1979 responded:
We've had this same discussion. DD always calls us Mommy and Daddy, but our neice sometimes call her parents by their first names. I don't think DD even really knows our real names. DH kind of wants to keep that way to avoid confusion for her, but at the same time, I think as a safety issue (she gets lost in a store or some natural disaster) she should know our first names so she can tell someone if she needs help. Small children not knowing their parents names caused a big problem during a spring tornado here in Missouri - there were seveal kids in hospitals and parents searching for them that weren't getting matched up because the kids couldn't tell staffers their full name or their parents fulls names so they weren't making it on the lists, and parents (or grandparents if the parents had been severly injured or killed) didn't know which of the several hospitals in a 300 mile radius the kids had been evacuated to.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Anyway, I don't think it will do any lasting harm to you or your child to be called by your first name vs Mommy, but if you prefer Mommy, then tell your child that's what you want them to call you (and when at home, just ignore them when they call you by your first name but resopnd when they call you Mommy). They'll get it.
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