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What can I do???
babygirljohanna posted:
Hello, Im a very concerned about my 3 year old. He has had an on going fever for 2 days now. The highest its gone to is 100.8 F. Ive been giving him tylenol cold medicine every 4 hours and keptd him cool with a damp washcloth in his forehead and stomach and this was the first night. The following day i took him with his pediatrician, i suspected he had an infection of some sort, but his doctor didnt fine any type of infection. She just told me i needed to rotate tylenol and motrin for his fever due to this non stop weather change here in Los Angeles, CA. So ive been doin this but his fever doesnt seem to go away, it keeps coming back...and the highest for night two was 100.1 F. Im not sure what i need to do...he hasnt been eating very well but he has no sore throat...all he wants is fluids. His head is really hot..inside his mouth and his whole body. The tylenol and motrin only brings it down to 98.8 for 4hrs and he starts up again.Ive bathe him in cool water because his pediatrician said to do aswell but that really hasnt done anything. I know this isnt normal but im not sure what i need to do next. Please advise me what my next step should be. Do i go to the emergency room even though his fever is at 99.9 F ????
KC_94920 responded:
I hope he's feeling better now. I don't worry too much over low grade fevers. They aren't necessarily bad and indicate he's fighting off some type of bug, which is exactly what his body is supposed to do. Keep rotating the fever meds, give lots of fluids and let him rest as much as he needs to.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi babygirljohanna,

I'm sorry to hear about your LO. Here is a Fever, Age 3 and Younger Overview for you to check out for more information. My daughter actually just went through a week of mild fevers and her doctor couldn't really figure out what the problem was either. Throat and ears looked good, lungs sounded nice..She said it must just be a virus her body is fighting.

Hopefully, your sweet boy feels better soon. At least you saw his pediatrician and are staying on top of things. He's lucky to have such a good mama!

Take care and if you notice any other symptoms, don't ever hesitate to call your doctor.
babygirljohanna replied to Amelia_WebMD_Staff's response:
Thank you so much ladies. My son is still with his fever.No skool fr him today,took him once again to the doctors.Lastnite we get much sleep..he was wheezing a lot and vomited flem..because when he coughs he coughs like he's about t gag. My lil n ws a premie..born @ 6months.His lungs arnt as well developed,he has asthma/bronchitis and we go thru this every year,more when he was younger,a baby.Too many trips to the emergency room.Luckily this year no trips to the emergency room..just here and there colds..though its an everyday thing having his neubalizer ready with his breathing treatments..I know I must sound like a mother whose concerned over a mild fever but anything goes 09 was the scariest part of my life I hope will never happen again..he ended up with pneumonia on both his lungs and seeing him in pain and being so helpless and watching him struggle breathing.I hoped he'd be better that all doctors have told me that premie babies go thru these type of stuff and once they reach their 3 year mark there defenses become normal but hell be 4 in two months.He's such a strong lil guy and so aware of when coughn he wants his breathing treatment while watching his favorite shows,Little Bill n Wow Wow Wuubzy.I spoke to his doctor and shes not taking any chances,she's sending me with a pulmonoligist, he easily gets sick and too much wheezing occurs.Crossing my fingers that everything will turn u good or we catch the root of the problem.His fever has ben lower though his wheezing and coughn have started up againg.Totally wished this was a case of ear or throat infection,antibiotics make those go away
I'd love to hear if anyone has gone thru what me and my lil one hve go thru everyday.Any suggestions or similarity of what just shared would be so appreciated.Thank you so much mommies.AND THANK YOU FOR LETTING ME SHARE MY STORY.

sarah0323 replied to babygirljohanna's response:
One of my boys wasn't a premie but he has Asthma/Allergies/and easily gets sick. When he was your LO's age he was using the nebulizer every 4 hours with 2 to 3 medications in each treatment. When he gets sick it is even worse. I remember sitting up nights just listening to him breath. He would sound so bad that I don't know how he was moving any air in his lungs. He still has issues and he is 6 today. They don't seem as bad now as when he was younger but everytime he even gets a "little" sick it turns to something worse.

Keep on top of it. We are now going to an Asthma/Allergy Dr. at the children's hospital and they have helped him so much. If your LO is on prevenitive make sure he is taking it regularly. I remember wishing for an ear infection just so he could get antibiotics so he would feel better.

Good luck!!! Do you know when your apt with the pulmonoligist is yet?
babygirljohanna replied to sarah0323's response:
Hi Sarah0323. Thnk u so much for sharing! Sometimes I feel like when I tell my friends or older mommies with kids aswell,they dnt really get what me and my son go thru.I'm up al nite like waiting to here him cough n gag from the flem build up..I give him withe the neubilizer..albuterol Sulfate(inhalation soluton @ 2.5mg/3mL) every 3hrs n anothr Inhalation treatment called Pulmicort of 0.5mg/2mL twice a day.
And morning medicine for his allergies n a tablet of Singular 4mg in the evening.And man sometimes as much as I put that neubilizer on him..he ends up gettng worse..we have a name for the neubilizer too..he's so aware of when he needs spanish we call it "La Maquina" lol. So al do is prepare myself with either a towel or a plastic bag..because once he starts coughn is when more wheezing cums..he kant breath @ times n gags on that flem or whatever it is..he vomits it all out..n it goes in whatever I kan reach him with 1st.I feel judged by some mommie friends of mine cuz they automatically thnk I isolate him too much but I know that even with the slightest lil thing, like ill let my son play during the day n more when the sun is out on a hot day but once I feel that breeze I put on his sweater n tell him he only has 15 to 20mns more to play outside..I kant afford to not know what his lil body n "lungs" are capable of handling.Even to just let him play n run..his lungs get aggitated n he breaths hard n den start the coughn n so fort.Today he's not doin so well...he's wheezing more today dan last nite.I put vapor rube on his chest n breathing treatmnts while he sleptd..luckily wnt b so bad..But 2marrow will rain n I am not taking any chances so no skool for this week for him
My appointment wit the pulmonologist is set for Oct. 12th..wish it was sooner but they take forever n all we can do is wait for the time being.

- Johanna

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