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Favorite Holiday Tradition to Share with the Big Kid!
Amelia_WebMD_Staff posted:
Your LO is finally a big 3 year old who can appreciate way more than before!

What are you most excited about sharing when it comes to the holidays this year? Any family traditions or something that you have been waiting to do, but they have been too young? (cooking, ice skating, etc..)

Happy Early Holidays!
RoseLynn02 responded:
This will be our first year of snow play. We lived in the west before & now in the mid-west, so no snow before & we are looking forward to making a snow man! We also just bought new x-mas cookie cutters(she loves to bake for the fire fighters!) & this is our 1st yr having an x-mas tree! We got a real one this yr for only $15! They are $150 & up in Las Vegas( our home town). But the most exciting is baby sissy will be 1yr old on the 19th & Grandma(Daddy's mommy) is coming from the 16th till the 24th! & Mommy(me) is making her traditional Italian style Christmas dinner.
cyn22mull responded:
Probably going to look at the lights and making cookies. DS is really into all the lights and decorations this year. We went out two evenings last week to look at lights.
Cindy (35) Scott (38) DS Christopher 3
MIOB responded:
I have to say, that decorating this year was way more fun than ever before. He loved putting the decorations on the tree and picking out some new outdoor lights. And being able to share with him some of my family's Swedish heritage has been a blast. He's used to seeing elves and Santa, but this year I introduced him to the idea of 'Tomte Gubbars', the Swedish kinda-elf like creatures. We'll make traditional spritz cookies with my great-grandmother's cookie press.

And I'm really looking forward to showing him the NORAD Santa website to track Santa on Christmas Eve!
KC_94920 responded:
We have so many fun things to share with her this year!

We introduced skiing to her last winter but she really didn't do too much and was terrified of ski school (so we stuck mainly with sledding) but this year she's so excited about skiing with her siblings. Every morning she asks if it's time to go to the mountain. LOL!

She's much better in the kitchen now too and has been my little helper making fudge and peppermint bark for the teachers.

We also got her her infamous kid tree last week (it's a small 24" tree that matchs her brother and sister's). They all spent hours this past weekend decorating their little trees with balls, ornaments, tiny candy canes and beaded garland.

Oh and the Elf on a Shelf! Last year she would hide from it and this year she is the first one looking for in in the morning. I think she gets the story now and really wants to be a good girl for Santa!
magsnemma responded:
Snow is the big one for us this year, last year we were in shorts at Christmas time. We moved a few months ago and are getting used to the snow. We started Elf on the Shelf too, DD is more interested in finding him than caring about him reporting to Santa. DD and I are going to start Christmas cookies this year too, which should be fun.

And in January she gets to learn how to ski (I do too, yikes!). She's pretty cautious so I have my doubts but she's always surprising me.

This year is also about creating some family traditions, since the last few years we've traveled. Now I'm ready to spend the holidays with my little family and think up some fun things to do every year.
megbrubaker responded:
I've been trying to figure out what we can do since Boston is getting bigger. He actually helped me make cookies last night. They were chocolate chips cookies but he was using the spoon to help get them out so we could bake. First time he's been interested in helping.

We've also started the elf on the shelf, but we got the stuffed animal like one. So she just sits places and he looks for her. He is doing pretty good about it. But i defintely want to get the "real" elf on the shelf so we can do all the fun things with it.

He is also excited about all the christmas if I could just get DH to put some outside OUR house. But no...he always has an excuse. LOL
Megan (26), DH (30)
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