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Jackie03291 posted:
Have a 3 year old who sometimes calls them by their first names??

I'm just curious if this is a phase of some sort or if it is just my crazy toddler?

She has been doing it for about 3 months or so now and at least once per day she will call myself and my husband by our first names instead of mom or dad.

We probably encourage it by laughing sometimes, because she does it in such funny ways, like last night my husband was kind of wrestling around with her and the dog and she goes "Bryan, quit it, you're driving me nuts!" LOL She definitely does it more towards my husband than to me, but it cracks me up, although I don't want her to make a habit of it too often.

Anyone else have a similar experience??
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sdadkin responded:
My son is only 2 1/2 but when we were Christmas shopping with my mom he heard her call me by my name, so he started yelling my name too. I told him that he was only allowed to call me Mommy because I was his mommy. He didn't really do it anymore after that. But then a couple of weeks ago we were sitting at the dinner table and he said out of the blue "You say Justin. I say Daddy." And then proceeded to call my SO by his name instead of daddy and just started laughing. He definitely knows what he is saying. I just kind of ignored it and he stopped. I find that works for a lot of his misbehaviors
jlynnpaine responded:
Shae does it too. She'll run down the hall to show DH something and say, "Hey Gatlin!" She does it to my mom as well. She'll say, "Jaaaannnn!" at the top of her lungs when she wants my mom to wherever she's at.
cyn22mull responded:
Christopher does it once in awhile. When he does I just say who and he will then say mommy or daddy. Lattely he has been called DH love which I laugh at because thats what I call him (i know cheesy). He will say Hey love or Where is my love.
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kc_94920 responded:
Yup, my 3-year-old does this too, although it's only DH that she calls by first name. I remember both older kids doing it to both of us when they were younger but dont think it lasted quite this long.

DD2 is pretty committed and now has her big sister and big brother calling DH "Fat Matt" (sounds bad but it was his college nickname on the tennis team). I'm thinking he wishes he had not mentioned that to them last summer over dinner...
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magsnemma responded:
That's funny, DD does this too, but just with DH. When she's trying to find him in the house, she starts with daddy and moves to Ben if he doesn't answer.
Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
earleyml1012 responded:
DD has called us both by our first names and we've done the same thing with reminding her that we're mommy/daddy. I think the reason why they tend to call daddy by his first name is b/c they probably hear us saying it so often. Think about it, who normally is asking the other to do something?!? In my house it's mostly, "Chris take out the dog." "Chris help Alex on the potty" "Chris get the laundry." We just do those things, it's not like someone is constantly asking us.

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