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    104.3 fever
    Mommyof2booyyss posted:
    My three year old son has a double ear infection and is on meds. He woke up with a 104.3 fever. I gave him ibuprofen and checked a little after and it's going 102. If it goes back up again do I take him to the hospital?
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Hi Mommyof 2booyyss -

    Having a sick little one is so difficult, poor little guy and poor mommy!

    Please give your pediatrician or the hospital a call, they can evaluate and advise you to let you know if you need to take him in. Do you have a peds after hours clinic or office?

    Hopefully the ibuprofen will bring it down even more and for more info on fevers this may be helpful - Treating Fevers in Children.

    Check back in to let us know how he is doing,
    cyn22mull responded:
    How is he feeling today? I would put a callin to his pediatrician. I hope that he is feeling better.
    Cindy (35) Scott (39) DS Christopher 3
    jlynnpaine responded:
    Poor guy. My DD has had fevers of 103.9 a couple times. I called her pedi the first time and they wanted us to take her to the hospital (it was Christmas night at about 5 p.m. so no one else was available). The last time, this past Saturday, I just gave her motrin to get it down and then we went to the doctor on Monday. The doctor told us to stay on top of the meds to keep her fever down and to even wake her at night to take them. I hope he's doing better now. How long has he been on the meds for the ear infection?
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    sarahann1978 responded:
    You should talk to your pediatrician about their fever management strategy. I live in a super remote area, so health care is hard to come by. My doctor's advice was that the number of the fever did not matter much until it got up to 106-107. He said to treat with Ibuprofen/Tylenol and if the fever responded to it then stay home. He also said to watch their behavior, so if they were alert and responsive, again treat at home, but if they become unresponsive, listless or had sypmtoms of febrile seizures, then take them in right away.

    I keep Pedialyte pops in my freezer and DS always gets those if he has a fever. I will also strip him down to a light layer of clothing and rub a wet washcloth over him to help reduce the fever.

    One time DS had a random fever that got to 105. We treated at home and it responded perfectly. He was grumpy, but very alert, and he ended up fine when it was all said and done.
    Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
    Mommyof2booyyss replied to sarahann1978's response:
    Thank u so much. He is seeing the doc in the am. I just feel so bad for him. So tired and won't eat. Smells get to him too. Blood work and X-ray 2mrrw.
    Mommyof2booyyss replied to jlynnpaine's response:
    Thank you for the reply. Meds since Monday late afternoon. Fever on and off since sat. he loves water so thats all he wants.
    Mommyof2booyyss replied to cyn22mull's response:
    Still has a fever and grumpy. He just wants his mommy and daddy by his side at all times. Dr. Apt in the am for some blood work and X-ray.
    Mommyof2booyyss replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    I will let you all know how he is after the apt. 2mrrw. Thanks so much for the reply. Makes me feel so much better!

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