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    Baby shower likes and dislikes
    magsnemma posted:
    Sarah's cookie post got me thinking about baby showers. I'm planning one for my sister, who is pregnant after 4 1/2 years of trying, and I would love to do some fun stuff.

    It's a family shower with women only (family politics necessitate this unfortunately) and family gatherings are usually pretty awkward. Add in some major tension with my other sister (pregnant sister and I are very close) and mom being very unhappy with her own situation, and this could be a recipe for a crap fest.

    What did you guys love doing at your baby shower or any others that you've attended? I'm doing sister's at a park, with sister's house being the backup in the 1% chance of rain in AZ at that time.

    She's good with games, just nothing related to how big she is.
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
    sarahann1978 responded:
    I think if there is drama, then games are a great way to keep people occupied instead of talking and possibly stirring up crap.

    I went to one last year and they played a fun game, it was for a little girl so they bought like 30 pairs of little girly baby socks in all different colors/styles. They dumped them out in front of the contestant and gave them a certain amount of time, like a minute, to match up as many of them as they could. Some were easy to pick out because they had distinctive colors/decorations, but I remember they had some that were about the same shade of the same solid color, but slightly different style in the cuff knit, so you had to be careful you did not match up mismatched socks.

    I'm trying to think back to my own showers, it was so long ago! The first one was co-ed and we hardly played any games because it was more of a dinner party. They had a bottle full of M&Ms to guess, and at both showers they played the "don't say baby" game.

    The second one we played a lot of games at. One they had a bowl of rice and mixed in it were small safety pins and the contestant was blindfolded and they had to pick out the safety pins by feel. There was another one where they transferred clothes pins, but I don't really remember exactly how that one worked. I think you had to come up with a baby item for each pin you moved or something. They also got little plastic babies and put them in the ice cubes. The first person who's baby was melted out won a prize. If I think of any others I will update.

    Also, if we play any fun ones this weekend I will let you know.
    Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
    earleyml1012 responded:
    Bingo as opening presents.

    Baby food tasting.

    At a shower I hosted, I bought solid onesies and allowed the guests to use fabric paint/markers to decorate a onesie. They turned out pretty cute as long as you have some artistic people.
    blueeyebaby responded:
    We did a bring your favorite book for the baby which really helped build our library for our little one. I have done memory games with baby items on a tray and see who remembers the most. Guess the price game: get about 10 items and have people guess the price of each, total it up and who ever is closest gets the prize. gift bingo while opening gifts. Give them a card to fill out with guesses of what she will get for the baby and then play while opening. My sister in law did a game where she did made little bags with one letter of "welcome caleb" on each bag and a baby item that started with the same letter inside the bag. Everyone had to guess what was in the bag and then I got all the item for my little one.
    Mary(31), DH(31), DS(Jan2009), DS(July2010)
    sdadkin replied to blueeyebaby's response:
    At one of my baby showers my mother had me walk around with a tray with a bunch of baby items on it. Everyone focused on the tray and when I left the room instead of asking what was on the tray she asked them things about what I was wearing or how I had my hair and etc. It threw everybody for a loop because they were concentrating on the tray. It was pretty fun. Lol.
    magsnemma responded:
    Thanks for the responses. Sarah if you guys play anything fun, please let me know! Love the ideas, especially the book one. I wish I had posted this before I sent out the invites. Sis is a librarian, so books are really important to her.

    What about if I bought enough books for everyone at the shower and each guest wrote something, like advice, well wishes, whatever? It's a pretty small shower, so I could swing that.
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
    sarahann1978 replied to magsnemma's response:
    Could you send out an email to guests to add the book idea? I think that is very cool as well.

    I thought of another silly game they played at one of my showers. They took a little newborn diaper and put tootsie rolls in it, I think there were about 8-9. They sealed it up and passed it around and everyone had to feel it and guess how many poopies were in it.
    Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
    jlynnpaine replied to magsnemma's response:
    I think that's a great idea with the books. You could try doing say one or two for each birthday until say age 5 or 10 (however many people you are going to have) and have the people write a birthday message in them. I've seen showers where they had people create birthday cards for certain birthdays or write a letter that's to be given to the child on certain birthdays. You could do something similar with the books.

    Another game I came across recently was giving pairs or teams two different colors of Playdoh and then telling them to use it to make a baby. Whichever team makes the best baby (judged by the mommy to be) wins the prize.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    magsnemma replied to jlynnpaine's response:
    Love the Playdoh idea! Then DD could play too! (She has to come and sis knew that when we first started talking about it.)
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
    jlynnpaine replied to magsnemma's response:
    Our shower is going to be co-ed with kids there too and I think this game will be so much fun for everyone. I've never heard of it before. Hope everyone has fun. Make sure to give us an update once it's a done deal.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    sarahann1978 replied to magsnemma's response:
    So we only played two games. One they just randomly taped two "winner" tags on the bottom of the chairs, so it was random as to where people sat. The other game was fun, it was a poem that the hostess read, and while she read she had a flower that was passed around according to the poem. I asked her to send it to me, and she has not yet, but said that there are a bunch of versions online if you do a search. I don't remember all the things, but the flower got passed to the lady with the largest person, the eldest person, the one who traveled the greatest distance, the one with the most buttons on her dress, the one wearing blue, the one with the biggest feet, etc. The lady holding the flower at the end got a gift basket that had champagne, chocolates and some other treats. If she sends it to me I will send it to you, but you could do an internet search in the mean time.
    Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
    sarahann1978 replied to sarahann1978's response:
    Sorry, it should say "purse" not person for the first thing on the list.
    Sarah (33) DH (30) DS (Jan 2009) baby (Aug 2012)
    magsnemma replied to sarahann1978's response:
    Thanks! I was hoping you'd let me know the games you guys played! How were the cookies? Success! They looked cool for sure.
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
    sarahann1978 replied to magsnemma's response:
    I know you are probably already there, but in case you still wanted it:


    Have the mommy-to-be or another baby shower guest start reading the first line and

    then follow the poem's instructions of who will read next:

    1. The word is out, quick send a cable. This poem goes to the lady across the table.

    2. If someone wears a dress or blouse of blue, she must take this note from you. But if

    blue cannot be seen, surely pink is just as keen.

    3. Take this note and read the verse. Pass it to the gal who carries the largest purse. If

    it is you, keep the note. If not, then pass to the largest tote.

    4. We're getting trickier, and here's a humdinger. Pass this note to the gal with the

    most rings on her fingers.

    5. You're doing great! What a success! Pass this note to the girl with the most buttons

    on her dress.

    6. Alas, this note is not for you, but now it passes to the lady who, with rage, admits to

    being the oldest age!

    7. Don't despair, here's the clue. This must be handed to the lady with the largest shoe.

    8. (Mom's name) is getting anxious and (he or she) is getting nervous. Pass this to the

    lady who drove the furthest.

    9. The baby's birth is getting closer. Mom and dad will have a ball, so pass this the lady

    who is the most tall.

    10. We hope you're all having fun, and we tried to include most everyone, from the

    largest purse to the largest shoe. Now, pass this now to the gal to the right of you.

    11. The shower is almost over and the punch is nearly gone. Pass this to the lady with

    the smallest earrings on.

    12. There won't be time to practice, and there won't be time to rehearse. Pass this to

    the lady with the most lipstick in her purse.

    13. Roses are red, Violets are blue, pass this to the lady to the left of you.

    14. On this last line, we're ending this rhyme. The gift on the table is mine. How fine!

    Instead of passing around the poem our hostess read it and we passed around a fake flower. It was a lot of fun and is a good way to get to know more about your guests.
    Sarah (33) DH (31) DS (Jan 2009) baby girl (Aug 2012)
    magsnemma replied to sarahann1978's response:
    That's a fun idea. Thank you so much! We leave this afternoon so there's still time.
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)

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