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Help!! My 3 yr old daughters tantrums....
ProudMommy121208 posted:
Hi. I am a single first time mom and my 3 yr old's tantrums are getting way out of control!! She throws things at me and her gma, she bites, scratches, hits, and mouths off. What can we do?
jlynnpaine responded:
Do you use time outs for behavior like that? If my DD throws a toy in anger, we take the toy and put it on top of the fridge where she can't play with it and tell her that we don't throw toys. For hitting and biting, she gets a time out immediately. For mouthing off, we tell her that she needs to use a nice voice when she talks to us or she will get a time out. If she continues, she goes to time out. I would say be firm and consistent and do not allow that behavior to continue. If she receives a consequence for it every single time, she will eventually learn that it's not okay.
Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
neeru_pdx responded:
I would recommend trying to get to the underlying issue. Escalating behaviour probably means there is something bothering her. I would deal with it with extra love, cuddles and talking when things are calmer. I would take away the toys, but not as a punishment, more because you don't want things to break. And re-direct her, tell her you know she is mad, and work with her to find another way to show her anger.

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