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    Slow today...
    Jackie03291 posted:
    The boards are moving slow today so I figured I would post a fun question for everyone to answer.

    What is your 3 year old's favorite things right now?

    Ava has lately been really into her books, every night she has to take a new one to bed to sleep with her and she is constantly toting one around with her and pretending to read it.

    The other thing is her markers and paper or coloring books. Every night before and after dinner she wants to sit at the dinner table and write as she calls it. She doesn't do so much coloring, but she likes to try writing all over the pages.
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava 10/14/08 Baby Girl 2 Due 5/4/12
    jlynnpaine responded:
    Fun question!

    Shae is really into her books right now too. She will sneak books into her bed at night and keep herself awake reading them. She also LOVES to correct you if you're reading and get a word wrong. She has them all memorized.

    Her other favorite thing is pretend. She loves calling DH, me, or my mom by a character's name and then she expects us to call her by their friends name. For example, we'll be playing catch and she'll say, "Catch Ernie!" And she expects me to say, "Good throw Bert." Or she calls me Clifford and I have to call her Emily Elizabeth. Her new favorite is to bullfighters from the PBR so she calls DH "Shorty" and he calls her "Frank". It's too funny.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    magsnemma responded:
    Right now, dancing. We have a dance party when she gets home everyday. I did it once to distract her from having a snack just before dinner and now we do it every day!

    Books are still a favorite, but Maggie likes to pretend to read them to me. Mostly that's just her asking me questions about the pictures.
    Ali (34) DH (35) DD (3)
    Jackie03291 replied to jlynnpaine's response:
    Playing pretend is another big one for Ava too. The past week or so she wants to pretend to be her teacher Ms. Polly and I have to pretend to be a student, usually the Student of the Week and Line Leader and she makes me do pledge of allegiance and calendar. She will even pretend to tell the other kids in her class to get in line behind me (the line leader). LOL They are so much fun at this age! I have to hold in my laughter sometimes because she takes her pretend play very serious!
    Jackie (27) Bryan (36) Ava 10/14/08 Baby Girl 2 Due 5/4/12
    cyn22mull responded:
    Christopher is really into pretend play. He loves to be a pirate or the teacher. He is also into sword fights (we got 2 nerf swords to play with), play wrestling with DH and helping. He loves to help with everything we are doing.
    Cindy (35) Scott (39) DS Christopher 3
    lenono97 responded:
    My daughter is doing all of these things as well. She HAS to take a book to bed with her every night or gets upset. As long as she looks at it quietly, I don't mind. She is really into Octonauts or Jake and the Neverland Priates from Disney Junior. She pretends to be one of the characters then tells me who I am or who her little brother is. It's especially cute when she is in the bath and she assigns each of her duckies a characters name! She also like to play school but likes to be the student and wants me to be the teacher. She also likes to play restaurant or birthday party. I really think this age is great!
    Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff responded:
    Thanks for posting Jackie. You are right things have been slow this entire week!

    My 7 year old I were talking about "used to's" the other day, SHE reminded me about her pretend friends she used to have, EE, LL and DingDing!

    I can't believe she remembered and goes to show everyday counts and every phase our kiddos go thru counts!

    She also told me what her fav books "used to" be. She was right on!

    Keep up the great work and the great memories you are creating!

    jlynnpaine replied to Elizabeth_WebMD_Staff's response:
    That's so awesome that she can remember all those things from when she was so much younger. My DD's memory always amazes us too.
    Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
    earleyml1012 responded:
    Alex sounds like Ava. She's so into books right now. Katelyn has these new baby board books she got for Christmas and Alex loves "reading" them to the baby. It's so cute.

    She's really into feeding her dolls whatever veggie I'm feeding the baby for the night. I think it's the whole role playing thing. Plus she tells us that she's "Emma" or "Hope's" mom...too cute.

    Alex has also started to write her name and loves doing it over and over. We've received many papers from daycare with her name on them. I guess she doesn't want to draw pictures just her name. It's cute b/c she spells it in order and even rights each letter in the right order but they are all over the paper. A at the top L on the right E on the left...etc. Sometimes while out, if she sees a sign that starts with an A she'll yell "Mommy that's my name!" Love it!!

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