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Strange Skin colored bump
MouynakaMom posted:
At first it was a skin colored bump,very small was there about two weeks, doctor said its a bug bite and would go away. Now its turned red the area around it is red yesterday the area around it was slightly raised and red, she squeezed it and a large amount of puss came out of it. its not raisde like it was but is still red and warm to the touch. cant find what it is, but i dont think its a bug bite.
ryanandleigh responded:
It probably was a bug bite that became infected when she scratched it. DD is prone to infections because she has eczema on her feet and scratches them. In the past she has developed abscess under the skin which are filled with puss. I would just watch the site. If the red grows or the bump gets larger, you may need to have the doctor either drain the area or prescribe antibiotics. But I and my son have also had small infections develop from bites and have been able to treat them at home. If any more puss comes out, see if you can gently squeeze it and get the rest out. Usually after they have broken open you are in the clear. Just keep it clean and covered for a few days.

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