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OT Repurposing left-overs
sarahann1978 posted:
I know this topic isn't exactly parenting related, but since we do the WFD post I would love to hear any ideas you all have. So do you have ways of re-tweaking leftovers to make them new and exciting?

My family is not big on leftovers and I try to eat them for lunch, but often get tired of them, or don't have time to eat them before they go bad so I end up throwing away a lot of food.

So for instance if I have left over roast I wil shred it and add BBQ sauce for sandwiches or wraps.

Leftover mashed potatoes I make into potato cakes.

Leftover ham goes into omlets or ham and bean soup.

What recipes do you have?
Sarah (33) DH (31) DS (Jan 2009) baby girl (Aug 2012)
cyn22mull responded:
Hi Sarah!! I am not big on leftovers either. My problem is DH doesnt eat much meat (no chicken, or beef, no roast's) So I freeze some and invite my sister for dinner alot Now when I cook chicken for dinner I usually only cook 2 breast's at a time since it's just DS and I eating it, so I generally do not have much chicken leftover.

Leftover ham - I make ham salad (i use mayo, spicy mustard, and a bit of relish and put it in the food precessor, i like it as a dip with pretzels) , ham sandwhich, omlets, ham and bean soup, and scalloped potato's

Leftover meatloaf - I make meatloaf sandwich (I know it sounds weird, but I eat it cold with mayo, ketchup, and pickles, kind of like a hamburger but I would not eat a hamburger cold....) and sometimes I mash it up and use it in spaghetti sauce

Leftover taco meat I usually freeze for the next time or I make taco salad.

Leftover roast I also add BBQ sauce and shred it.

Leftover chicken if i make it without a sauce then I put it in crock pot with onions, peppers, and salsa for chicken taco's
Cindy (35) Scott (39) DS Christopher 3
jlynnpaine responded:
We almost always either take our leftovers for lunches the next day or if there is a lot, freeze them for another meal.

Leftover ham I freeze and save for ham and cheese sandwiches, potato soup, or just to eat again another day.

Leftover chicken almost always goes on green salads to add a little protein. Depending on how you cook it, you could also use it in the taco soup recipe I shared.

Leftover burger I freeze and then make tacos, hamburger helper, or chili with.
Jodi (28), DH (24), Shaelynn (2), DD2 (due 5/16)
sarah0323 responded:

I repurpose leftovers. Here are some things that I do:

Hamburger, Taco Meat, Spag Sauce I freeze it in a bowl and add to it as needed. When the bowl is full I make chili out of it. No it doesn't always taste the exact same but it doesn't go to waste.

Ham-- Ham fried rice, ham salad sandwiches, scalloped potatoes and ham, ham and beans,

Roast--BBQ sandwiches, stew, roast beef sandwiches

Chicken -- on top of salads, chop to make chicken salad sandwiches, shredded BBQ sandwiches, chicken taco's

Boiled eggs -- Egg Salad sandwiches, add to chicken or tuna for salad sandwiches, deviled eggs, potatoe salad, pasta salad

Baked Potatoes -- Cut up and fry ( in some PAM) add some eggs, cheese and tortilla and you have a breakfast burrito

Left over soups, vegetables - If we have a lot I will make a sheppard's pie.

I also take leftovers for lunch. I also freeze lunch size portions and just grab and go. (Your own version of a microwave meal)

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